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Pathways For South Africa's Energy Future

Flexible Gas: An Enabler of South Africa's Energy Transition

South Africa is currently experiencing a severe power crisis with the country plunged into daily
black-outs (or ‘loadshedding’) largely due to a lack of new capacity coming online to replace the ageing coal fleet.

As of late, announcements from the President have been made outlining a myriad of interventions to be undertaken to resolve the current crisis, many of which would
support a significant growth in renewable energy onto the system.

This paper looks at both the adequacy of South Africa’s proposed energy crisis mitigation
measures and the role that gas power plays in this context along with providing a view on the
role of gas in South Africa’s energy transition to 100% renewables.

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Africa has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leapfrog into a renewable and reliable energy future.

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By 2032, South Africa can


Save $26 Billion

Solve load shedding.

Solve the loadshedding dilemma

We believe that if South Africa can adapt their future Gas Power related policy and Gas Power procurement to align to the recommendations outlined in this report, they would be able to demonstrate to the world their leadership in the transition from a coal-based economy to a renewable based economy

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  • Training for Sasolburg operations

    Training enabled independent operation and maintenance of gas power plant.

    Sasolburg operations
  • O&M for Sasolburg operations

    With a three-year shared Operations & maintenance agreement Sasolburg Operations enabled their local employees to become competent operators of Sasol’s 175 MW gas power plant.

    O&M for Sasolburg operations
  • Sasolburg, South Africa

    "Our old generating equipment was replaced with more efficient units. New power plant technology is used to meet increased demand for electricity. Gas-engine technology allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by more than 40%."

    Sasolburg operations