Creating sustainable value for stakeholders


Our commitment to sustainability and responsible business is based on our purpose and strategy, which along with our sustainable development objectives create the framework for developing the company's activities and products. Wärtsilä’s strategy is based on three key areas, energy efficient solutions, lifecycle optimisation, and innovative solutions, all of which contribute to a more sustainable future in both the energy and the marine industry.

Our strength is our technological leadership and therefore technology plays a central role in our sustainability work. Wärtsilä Energy Business and Marine Business focus on developing and providing sustainable solutions and services for the industries in which they operate. The utilisation of lifecycle data analytics will enhance our efforts on enabling sustainable societies with smart technology.

Our sustainability approach is based on economic, environmental and social performance. We strive to improve our procedures and performance across a wide front. Our overriding focus is on ensuring profitability, providing environmentally sound products and services and ensuring responsible business conduct.

Visions for sustainable societies

Towards a 100% renewable energy future

The energy landscape is in transition towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems. We envision a 100% renewable energy future.

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Emission reductions, and especially greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, is the challenge of the century for the maritime industry. As a company with the most comprehensive portfolio at hand in the industry, we turn technology into solutions to enable a sustainable maritime industry.

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Search for sustainability

Climate change and scarcity of natural resources call for innovative and creative solutions.

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