Safety at Wärtsilä worksites

Wärtsilä is committed to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, as well as to improve our performance to reduce adverse environmental impact. This page gives more information about Wärtsilä Environmental, Health and Safety requirements and practices when working at Wärtsilä premises or project sites/customer installations under Wärtsilä management.

Wärtsilä life-saving rules

Our ten life-saving rules are put in place to ensure consistent behaviour to prevent incidents that could result in a serious injury or a fatality. The life-saving rules apply to all workers and partners involved with Wärtsilä’s operations or visiting our premises.

The implementation of the life-saving rules are part of our commitment to continuous improvement in safety and strengthening our safety culture.

We have zero tolerance regarding breaches of the life-Saving Rules, and each Wärtsilä local company has a disciplinary procedure in place to address safety violations.

Download the life-saving rules presentation here.


Stop Work Authority

Wärtsilä is committed to the Stop Work authority through its statement in the Wärtsilä QEHS Policy:

”We create and maintain safe and healthy workplace for our employees and partners in all of our business operations. We give our employees the authority to stop work if conditions are unsafe or quality is compromised”

Wärtsilä employees and partners have the responsibility and authority to stop the work when identifying a hazard, which could put the safety of personnel, partners and/or public in general at stake.

The employee is required to immediately report the Stop Work case to its line manager/site manager and customer representative, and ensure that the case is registered in the relevant reporting system. Employees shall not resume work until all the hazards with unacceptable risks have been brought under control to an acceptable risk level.

Wärtsilä is committed to Stop Work authority by preventing any retaliation in response to exercising this authority.

Safety Handbook

The Safety Handbook offers assistance and guidance for performing work safely, at Wärtsilä project sites, in factories or workshops, or in the offices. This Handbook provides a quick guide and summary of the minimum, basic safety practices to be applied worldwide by Wärtsilä personnel and partners at Wärtsilä sites, without overriding any local additional rules and regulations. Local regulation should always apply in addition to these corporate guidelines.

Safety Handbook
Download the Safety Handbook in English