Wärtsilä Insights - US Inflations Reduction act 2022

The US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has set a new benchmark for clean energy deployment

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is the most...

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Wartsila at Slush 2022
2 DEC 2022 Article
7 min read

Wärtsilä at Slush: looking for partners to solve the most complex challenges in the energy transition

Slush, the world’s leading start-up event, saw...
30 NOV 2022 Article
5 min read

Salt and silicon: Integrating the old and new to optimise shipping

As shipping brings new solutions to bear on its challenges, some long-held...
rice field, man working, asia
30 NOV 2022 Article
8 min read

Maladaptation – when our response to climate change goes wrong

Most of the world accepts the need to combat climate change, but not all attempts to...
29 NOV 2022 Article
6 min read

Maritime regulations and opportunities in 2023 – your keys to success

Get expert advice on 2023 maritime regulations and learn why upgrading to...
Power-to-X-to-Power will pave the way to decarbonisation in Finland’s top energy cluster Vaasa
29 NOV 2022 Article
6 min read

Power-to-X-to-Power will pave the way to decarbonisation in Finland’s top energy cluster Vaasa

In just a few years, residents and businesses in...
Carbon tech, Carbon, CO2, illustration
23 NOV 2022 Article
4 min read

Is carbon tech the key to a brighter future?

Atmospheric carbon is a valuable natural resource. Companies understand that and are now capturing and...
22 NOV 2022 Article
6 min read

No more mysteries about marine biofuels – your top six questions answered

Biofuels are an interesting alternative for the marine industry. What are...
decarbonisation offering banner
21 NOV 2022 Article
12 min read

Stepping up to decarbonise the maritime industry

Wärtsilä is leading the way in maritime decarbonisation, providing shipping companies with...
15 NOV 2022 Podcast
25 min listen

How can purpose reduce stress at work?

The world loses an estimated 12 billion workdays annually due to depression and anxiety. And its not getting...
13 SEP 2022 Podcast
24 min listen

Is there a way out of the global debt crisis?

The writing is on the wall. The world faces the threat of a global debt crisis. According to the World...
16 AUG 2022 Podcast
24 min listen

Why the circular economy is a golden opportunity

Scientists estimate that by 2050, we will need the resources of almost three planets to sustain our...
7 JUN 2022 Podcast
24 min listen

What is human capital and why does it matter?

Human capital, or the value of skills, knowledge, and experience of a person, is critical to realise...
3 MAY 2022 Podcast
25 min listen

Building trust with corporate-NGO partnerships

Corporations and NGOs have had a turbulent relationship with each other for years. Sini Harkki,...
5 APR 2022 Podcast
26 min listen

The future of work

Automation, the pandemic and the great resignation wave – or the ‘big quit’ – have changed the fundamentals of how and why we...
16 NOV 2022 Webinar

Short Sea Shipping - A Smart Propulsion System

With the drive to decarbonise and ensure vessels are relevant and do not become obsolete it is time...
Profitable, decarbonised ferry operations
26 OCT 2022 Webinar

Discovering the route to profitable, decarbonised ferry operations

Latest solutions and services – from future fuels and engines to lifecycle...
11 OCT 2022 Webinar

How to improve your CII rating with energy saving technologies

It’s not a matter of a one-off pass or fail. Vessels must continue to comply with...
Planning maintenance in a changing environment
29 SEP 2022 Webinar

Planning maintenance in a changing environment

In this practical webinar, we discuss how the maintenance approach and spare part sourcing impact...
Wärtsilä 46TS-DF - The power to change
26 APR 2022 Webinar

Wärtsilä 46TS-DF – The power to change

Wärtsilä 46TS-DF represents the next generation of medium speed engines, designed to set a new benchmark in...
22 MAR 2022 Webinar

Wärtsilä 32 methanol – The power to reach carbon-neutral​

44 pages

The route to profitable decarbonisation - insights and practical guidance for the ferry segment

The ferry industry is on the front line of the...
26 pages

Towards stable and reliable 100% renewable energy grids

White paper on power system stability.
14 pages

Chile liderando el camino hacia un sistema energético 100% carbono neutral

Chile ha establecido una de las metas de descarbonización más ambiciosas...
12 pages

Wärtsilä 2-stroke future fuels conversion platform

Wärtsilä’s new Two-Stroke Future Fuels Conversion Platform deploys innovative fuel injection...
9 pages

Meeting EEXI with Power Limitation solutions

Future-proofing ships with Wärtsilä Energy Power limitation technologies and Energy Saving Devices...
19 pages

Sustainable fuels

Get ready for sustainable fuels with flexible Wärtsilä power plants