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Front-loading a net zero future – a few key transition steps away

This autumn, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference – COP26 – will bring the world...

Twenty four7.

Article / 25 NOV 2021 5 MIN READ

Why do ships still lose containers?

Better ship design, stowage and weather routing will not be enough to eliminate one of container shipping’s most...
  • Voyage
  • Fleet Optimisation & Safety
Article / 24 NOV 2021 7 MIN READ

Using the past to predict the future of sea levels

Historical data is crucial for predicting the rate, extent, and consequences of rising sea...
  • Planet
  • Purpose
Article / 23 NOV 2021 7 MIN READ

In conversation with Håkan Agnevall

COP26 has told us why countries, businesses and individuals need to keep the target of 1.5 degrees alive. What...
  • Corporate
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
Article / 22 NOV 2021 3 MIN READ

BioLNG means it’s full steam ahead on Destination Gotland’s quest to decarbonise

When oil prices fell dramatically in 2015–16 it led to a decrease...
  • Marine Power
Article / 19 NOV 2021 3 MIN READ

Wärtsilä’s propulsion field service team – the expertise, quality and experience to keep your vessels running optimally

Wärtsilä’s propulsion field...
  • Marine Power
  • Propulsion
  • Lifecycle services
Article / 19 NOV 2021 9 MIN READ

People with Purpose: Hwee Chye Lim

For Hwee Chye Lim (Leon), there are many aspects of the cybersecurity field that he finds fascinating, such as...
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  • Purpose
  • Society
No man is an island but your grid can be
Article / 18 NOV 2021 5 MIN READ

No man is an island, but a grid can be

Weather and seasonal daylight patterns play a significant role in energy production with renewable power from...
  • Energy
  • Energy storage
  • Energy transition
Article / 18 NOV 2021 4 MIN READ

Easing port congestion at two very busy French ports

In October 2019 Region Hauts-de-France placed an order with Wärtsilä Voyage to upgrade the...
  • Voyage
  • Port and Traffic Management
Webinar / 23 NOV 2021

Design Considerations for India’s Ancillary Services Market

  • Energy transition
  • Power system optimisation
  • Power generation
Webinar / 21 OCT 2021

The journey towards net-zero for Oil & Gas

  • Marine Power
Soluciones híbridas / Sistema de baterías "Wärtsilä HY"
Webinar / 21 OCT 2021

Soluciones híbridas / Sistema de baterías 'Wärtsilä HY'

Las soluciones híbridas juegan un papel muy importante en la electrificación y en dirección...
  • Marine Power
  • Electrical systems
Webinar / 13 OCT 2021

Wärtsilä Voyage Cloud Simulation via the Ocean Learning Platform – Supporting Maritime Training’s Blended Future

A cost-effective, risk-free, and...
  • Simulation & Training
Webinar / 12 OCT 2021

The wind of opportunity in the Asian market - Integrated marine solutions for offshore wind vessels

Know how consultative and early engagement...
  • Marine Power
  • Engine systems
The path onward: enabling a decarbonized future
Webinar / 7 OCT 2021

FPS 2021 | The path onward: enabling a decarbonized future

  • Energy transition
El valor de la flexibilidad en sistemas de energía con gran participación de generación hidroeléctrica: caso Brasil
Whitepaper / 2 JUL 2021 24 PAGES

El valor de la flexibilidad en sistemas energéticos con una alta incidencia de generación hidroeléctrica: el caso de Brasil

Brasil tiene el...
  • Power system optimisation
  • Energy
  • Flexibility
Whitepaper / 17 MAY 2021 10 PAGES

Wärtsilä EGCS - The Latest Technology and Achievements

Wärtsilä is the market leading marine exhaust gas cleaning manufacturer covering the whole...
  • Marine Systems
  • Exhaust treatment
Whitepaper / 31 MAR 2021 92 PAGES

A 100% renewable power system across India by 2050

India has committed in the 2015 Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...
  • Energy
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
  • Energy transition
Whitepaper / 10 FEB 2021 8 PAGES

Improving seal reliability

Since ship propulsion shifted from sails to propellers, preventing seawater from getting into the hull via the stern tube...
  • Shaft line solutions
Valor da flexibilidade em sistemas com uma alta participação de hidrelétricas O Caso do Brasil
Whitepaper / 29 JAN 2021 24 PAGES

Valor da flexibilidade em sistemas com uma alta participação de hidrelétricas: O Caso do Brasil

O Brasil é um país privilegiado por ter os...
  • Power system optimisation
  • Energy
  • Flexibility
The Future of Smart Autonomy is here
Whitepaper / 3 JAN 2021 31 PAGES

The Future of Smart Autonomy is here

Discovering a stepwise approach to autonomous shipping to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Autonomous shipping
  • Technology
  • Safety