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One simple secret that will make your emissions reduction strategy look awesome

Brailsford’s theory of marginal gains can be a gamechanger when it...

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The U.S. Energy Transition Needs Balancing Solutions_v2
27 Sep 2023 · Article
3 min read
The U.S. Energy Transition Needs Balancing Solutions
The U.S. energy industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the pursuit of...
How can we solve the world's big drought problem?
27 Sep 2023 · Article
5 min read
The world’s big drought problem and how to deal with it
Recurring and intensifying droughts worldwide are taking a heavy toll on lives, jeopardising...
Container vessel
26 Sep 2023 · Article
5 min read
Container ship engines running inefficiently at low load? Five options to think about
Container ships built more than five years ago are now likely...
How can AI contribute to a sustainable energy future
20 Sep 2023 · Article
5 min read
The Energy Dilemma: AI’s Double-Edged Sword
The widespread use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms such as ChatGPT has sparked concerns...
Water whipped up by ship
19 Sep 2023 · Article
6 min read
The top 4 ways to comply with EEXI without slowing down your vessels
Want to comply with EEXI regulation without reducing your sailing speed? Here...
5 ways to make ICT more sustainable
13 Sep 2023 · Article
4 min read
5 ways to make digitalisation more sustainable
Technology has transformed how we live, but while it enables us to do things faster, more efficiently...
Wärtsilä Fleet Optimisation Solution in use
7 Sep 2023 · Article
5 min read
Expert advice: 7 benefits of data in improving vessel performance
Are you looking for ways to improve vessel performance? These seven expert tips...
Why is EQ important at work
6 Sep 2023 · Article
5 min read
Why EQ is more important than IQ
As remote and hybrid working options become the global norm, a need for more emotionally intelligent practices and...
24 Jan 2023 · Podcast
28 min listen
Why should we invest in the blue economy?
The oceans are the world’s largest carbon sink and our biggest hope in the fight against climate change....
13 Dec 2022 · Podcast
34 min listen
Beyond Business in 2022
2022 has been a mixed year with the world facing several new crises. At Wärtsilä, it was also a time when we went beyond...
15 Nov 2022 · Podcast
25 min listen
How can purpose reduce stress at work?
The world loses an estimated 12 billion workdays annually due to depression and anxiety. And its not getting...
13 Sep 2022 · Podcast
24 min listen
Is there a way out of the global debt crisis?
The writing is on the wall. The world faces the threat of a global debt crisis. According to the World...
16 Aug 2022 · Podcast
24 min listen
Why the circular economy is a golden opportunity
Scientists estimate that by 2050, we will need the resources of almost three planets to sustain our...
7 Jun 2022 · Podcast
24 min listen
What is human capital and why does it matter?
Human capital, or the value of skills, knowledge, and experience of a person, is critical to realise...
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How to reduce methane slip – winning tactics for your maritime business
Join this interesting webinar and you will learn how to reduce methane slip...
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Real-world solutions for the Greek and Cypriot merchant fleet
This webinar will focus on real-world concepts that can help, from future fuels,...
27 Jun 2023 · Webinar
5 practical things that will make it simpler for you to adopt methanol as fuel
Methanol is trending in the shipping industry as a viable option to...
Powering the next generation cruise vessel - cruising the decarbonisation journey
18 Jan 2023 · Webinar
How next-generation cruise vessels can succeed in smart decarbonisation
Webinar on smart decarbonisation for cruise ships. Royal Caribbean Group,...
17 Jan 2023 · Webinar
Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) – Data tools to help you improve your fleet’s CII ratings
Building resilient maritime education in 2022 and...
16 Nov 2022 · Webinar
Short Sea Shipping - A Smart Propulsion System
With the drive to decarbonise and ensure vessels are relevant and do not become obsolete it is time...
side view cruise vessel
White paper
18 pages
White paper: 4 clear examples - proof that methanol could really work for your vessel
Discover four real-life examples – one each from the cruise,...
50 great ways for the marine industry to reduce GHG emissions – Wärtsilä eBook
White paper
23 pages
eBook: 50 great ways the maritime industry could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions
Your go-to guide when looking for inspiration on how to cut the...
Container ship in harbour
White paper
16 pages
White paper: Discover the real CII status of your vessels - and how to improve it
How to discover the real CII status of your vessels? How to plan...
P2X Sustainable fuels
White paper
24 pages
The feasibility of Power-to-X fuels for power generation
Decarbonising power systems requires technology that enables greater flexibility and...
White paper
14 pages
White paper: Ensure a good CII rating and stay competitive
How to ensure a good CII rating while staying competitive? Energy-saving devices are a...
White paper
16 pages
White paper: Outcome-based business partnerships
Why outcome-based business partnerships deliver superior results in complex marine markets.