Five steps to a carbon free future

Imagine the day when we can all safely say that the climate is on the road to recovery. When all electricity is...

Twenty four7.

Article / 26 JAN 2022 3 MIN READ

Harsh-environment jack-up rig Maersk Resolute is upgraded to demanding environmental standards

To help win a contract, Maersk Drilling chose...
  • Marine Power
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
  • Lifecycle services
The fundamentals of energy storage - Wärtsilä
Article / 26 JAN 2022 9 MIN READ

The fundamentals of energy storage

What is energy storage – and how is it linked to balancing and flexibility? Wärtsilä compiled a dictionary that...
  • Energy
  • Energy storage
Article / 26 JAN 2022 6 MIN READ

Zero-emission energy: Not all wind and solar

Niche renewable energy sources, like geothermal and wave, have a key role to play in the transition to...
  • Innovation
  • Planet
  • Sustainability
Article / 19 JAN 2022 5 MIN READ

Sustainable investors stay focused on their own backyard

Sustainable investing is now mainstream, but it is not going to where it would have the...
  • Planet
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership
2022 energy power trends banner
Article / 19 JAN 2022 3 MIN READ

Trends to follow in the energy and power sector in 2022

2021, an exceptional year in the energy and power sector, is now behind us. During the past...
  • Energy
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
Article / 18 JAN 2022 5 MIN READ

Be mobile and stay safe with the Wärtsilä BridgeMate app

Safety is of paramount importance in shipping, especially when facing rough weather...
  • Fleet Optimisation & Safety
Article / 12 JAN 2022 5 MIN READ

Four inefficient shipping regulations that no one talks about

Do you know exactly how many regulations and laws govern today’s shipping?
  • Voyage
Article / 12 JAN 2022 7 MIN READ

Could ageing societies lead to a new world order?

Changing demographics in China have caused the country to loosen restrictive population control...
  • People
  • Society
  • Planet

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Webinar / 22 FEB 2022

EEXI compliance through Wärtsilä Power Limitation Solutions​

Power limitation solutions effectively limit engine or shaft power during normal...
  • Marine Power
  • Engine systems
Webinar / 23 NOV 2021

Design Considerations for India’s Ancillary Services Market

  • Energy transition
  • Power system optimisation
  • Power generation
Webinar / 21 OCT 2021

The journey towards net-zero for Oil & Gas

  • Marine Power
Webinar / 12 OCT 2021

The wind of opportunity in the Asian market - Integrated marine solutions for offshore wind vessels

Know how consultative and early engagement...
  • Marine Power
  • Engine systems
The path onward: enabling a decarbonized future
Webinar / 7 OCT 2021

FPS 2021 | The path onward: enabling a decarbonized future

  • Energy transition
Real-time market participation for solar + storage systems
Webinar / 7 OCT 2021

FPS 2021 | Real-time market participation for solar + storage systems

  • Energy transition
Whitepaper / 17 JAN 2022 16 PAGES

Achieving a net zero power system in Germany by 2040

Germany can achieve significant emission reductions and lower electricity bills by phasing out...
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
  • Energy transition
  • Power system optimisation
Whitepaper / 17 MAY 2021 10 PAGES

Wärtsilä EGCS - The Latest Technology and Achievements

Wärtsilä is the market leading marine exhaust gas cleaning manufacturer covering the whole...
  • Marine Systems
  • Exhaust treatment
Whitepaper / 31 MAR 2021 92 PAGES

A 100% renewable power system across India by 2050

India has committed in the 2015 Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...
  • Energy
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
  • Energy transition
Whitepaper / 10 FEB 2021 8 PAGES

Improving seal reliability

Since ship propulsion shifted from sails to propellers, preventing seawater from getting into the hull via the stern tube...
  • Shaft line solutions
The Future of Smart Autonomy is here
Whitepaper / 3 JAN 2021 31 PAGES

The Future of Smart Autonomy is here

Discovering a stepwise approach to autonomous shipping to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Autonomous shipping
  • Technology
  • Safety
Our Journey to Decarbonising Shipping to date banner
Whitepaper / 14 DEC 2020 19 PAGES

Our journey to date - decarbonising shipping

Big steps in decarbonising shipping being taken by many. Wärtsilä as a leading partner is showing -...
  • Decarbonisation & future fuels
  • Marine Power
  • Engine systems