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Engine Systems

The Wärtsilä engines offer high efficiency, low exhaust gas emissions and safe operation. The innovative multi-fuel technology allows the flexibility to choose between gas and liquid fuel. When necessary, the engines are capable of switching from one fuel to the other without any interruption in power generation.

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20 DEC 2022 Article
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What your peers were reading – the top five articles in 2022

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15 DEC 2022 Article
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Smart decarbonisation: Top 8 ways that ferry operators can do it profitably

From flexible engines and electrification to hybridisation and future...
18 OCT 2022 Article
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Decarbonisation drives innovation in short sea shipping

Can flexible hybridised solutions provide a clear pathway to zero emissions?
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Five ways the Wärtsilä 46TS-DF helps you decarbonise now and in the future

Take a peek under the hood of the market-beating Wärtsilä 46TS-DF engine...
2 JUN 2022 Article
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The Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Future Fuels Conversion Platform – A fuel-proof way to gear up for decarbonisation

The Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Future Fuels...
Wärtsilä 46TS-DF - The power to change
1 JUN 2022 Article
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Wärtsilä 46TS-DF – The power to change

The Wärtsilä 46TS-DF delivers dual-fuel flexibility and record-breaking fuel economy across the operating...
10 MAY 2022 Article
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Wärtsilä W32 methanol launch webinar

The Wärtsilä 32 Methanol engine is part of Wärtsilä’s wider efforts to help decarbonise the maritime industry...
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DC or not DC, that is the question

What are the advantages and disadvantages of DC hubs? When are they useful and what problems can arise when...
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Driving fleet decarbonisation with data-led advice

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Wärtsilä 46TS-DF - The power to change
26 APR 2022 Webinar

Wärtsilä 46TS-DF – The power to change

Wärtsilä 46TS-DF represents the next generation of medium speed engines, designed to set a new benchmark in...
22 MAR 2022 Webinar

Wärtsilä 32 methanol – The power to reach carbon-neutral​

22 FEB 2022 Webinar

EEXI compliance through Wärtsilä Power Limitation Solutions​

Power limitation solutions effectively limit engine or shaft power during normal...
12 OCT 2021 Webinar

The wind of opportunity in the Asian market - Integrated marine solutions for offshore wind vessels

Know how consultative and early engagement...
15 JUN 2021 Webinar

The winds of opportunity - Integrated solutions for offshore wind vessels

Our panel of leading experts will share their insights into the benefits...
X-DF Two-Stroke Hero
21 OCT 2020 Webinar

X-DF two-stroke dual-fuel engines technology - Efficient solutions that deliver clear results

XDF engine webinar hero image
14 APR 2021 Webinar

X-DF two-stroke engines - Operational efficiency and Future developments

Decarbonizing Shipping
3 NOV 2020 Webinar

Decarbonising Shipping – is it only about the alternative fuels?

Decarbonising Shipping – A detailed look at carbon intensity measures and other...
Cruise banner
22 SEP 2020 Webinar

Preparing cruise ships for reactivation

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the cruise industry which has led to the temporary layup of the...

White papers

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White paper: The route to profitable decarbonisation for the ferry industry

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White paper: Wärtsilä 2-stroke future fuels conversion platform

Wärtsilä’s new Two-Stroke Future Fuels Conversion Platform deploys innovative fuel...
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White paper: Our journey to date - decarbonising shipping

Big steps in decarbonising shipping being taken by many. Wärtsilä as a leading partner is...
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White paper: Increase TCE rates and reduce OPEX

Owners and managers in the merchant fleet are under increasing pressure to maximise lifetime value...
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White paper: Wärtsilä Fuel Efficiency Boost

A simple engine retrofit for two-stroke engines could cut fuel consumption at a time when ship...
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White paper: A clean environment - Towards zero-emission shipping

Environmental protection is a key driver in the maritime industry today, both in...
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White paper: Shipping in the 2020 era

Environmental concerns have led to increasingly stringent emission legislation. What started as an onshore...