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X-DF two-stroke engines - Operational efficiency and Future developments

50min & 10min Q&A


X-DF two-stroke engines - Operational efficiency and Future developments

WinGD and Wärtsilä’s long-standing partnership continues to raise efficiency levels and deliver lower operating costs for customers operating X-DF two-stroke, low pressure engines.

This joint Webinar will feature presentations from both companies on how future development of the engine will ensure the availability, reliability, and high performance of this engine. At the same time, our lifecycle support can ensure that your vessels operate at optimal efficiency at all times.

Asia continues to dominate the global maritime trade arena, and this Webinar is aimed specifically at your business environment.


Webinar Topics: 

  • WinGD X-DF two-stroke engines and future developments
  • Operational experience of the X-DF engine
  • Delivering ensured vesel availability, relaibility, efficiency with optimised operating costs
  • Wärtsilä’s lifecycle solutions
  • Open Q&A with experts from WinGD and Wärtsilä

Presented by:

Our presenters

Jeremy Crossman

General Manager, Sales Excellence & Coaching, Wärtsilä Marine Power


Carmelo Cartalemi

General Manager, Head of Global sales, WinGD


Jörgen Naaijer

General Manager, Agreement Sales Wärtsilä Marine Business


Adrian Siegfried

General Manager, Customer Support, WinGD