• 50 great ways for the marine industry to reduce GHG emissions – Wärtsilä eBook
    Revealed: 50 great ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    Download this eBook and you will learn 50 great ways for the maritime industry to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. 50 best ways in one place – from ammonia to zero emission battery operation.

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  • Container ship in harbour
    How do you discover the real CII status of your vessel?

    Download this white paper to learn how to discover the real CII status of your vessel. It is the ideal guide for owners and operators of bulkers, tankers, and container ships. Learn more:

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  • Debunking maritime myths
    Digital transformation in maritime – how to conquer its mythical beasts

    Discover the truth: what do maritime professionals really think about digital transformation?

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  • Powering the next generation Cruise vessel – cruising the decarbonisation journey webinar
    How next-generation cruise vessels can succeed in smart decarbonisation

    Watch the webinar recording and learn how to today’s ships will be able to operate in a world of fully decarbonised cruise operations.

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  • The power to target net-zero

    Meet the cutting-edge Wärtsilä 25 engine - maximised flexibility, minimised emissions

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  • Decarbonisation and net zero

    Discover the meaning of decarbonisation in shipping

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  • Electric shipping and hybrid ships

    Electric shipping or ship electrification is one of the key solutions for marine decarbonisation.

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  • The route to profitable decarbonisation

    Practical insights and guidance for the ferry industry

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Marine solutions deliver value

Marine technology, ship engines, and other solutions from Wärtsilä will help you run your maritime business profitably. Get vessel-specific insights or the entire fleet point of view to define the best decarbonisation strategy just for you.

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Find Wärtsilä’s powerful, fuel flexible marine engines for your newbuilds. Get retrofits, upgrades, and fuel conversion for your current vessels. You can also opt for a unique service which can deliver savings in fuel consumption while lowering your emissions – guaranteed.

Do you need to achieve a certain outcome for your business?

Outcome-based partnerships can make this happen and deliver superior results in complex marine market. Learn how! Download this white paper now:

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Data and digital tools from Wärtsilä help smart vessels and ports operate more efficiently for the benefit of a seamless, safe and sustainable global supply chain.

Wärtsilä has an extensive portfolio of solutions for liquid and gas handling on vessels: ballast water management, freshwater generation, gas solutions, and exhaust treatment solutions.

Get your spare parts fast and cost-efficiently. Choose Wärtsilä spare parts, and you will enjoy market-leading part availability, premium quality and the expertise required to reduce downtime and future-proof your fleet.

  • Decarbonisation and net zero

    Discover the meaning of decarbonisation in shipping. Find the best ways to reduce emissions from your existing vessels. Learn how to future-proof your newbuild vessels.

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Container ships at sea

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Real-world solutions for the Greek and Cypriot merchant fleet
This webinar will focus on real-world concepts that can help, from future fuels,...
27 Jun 2023 · Webinar
5 practical things that will make it simpler for you to adopt methanol as fuel
Methanol is trending in the shipping industry as a viable option to...
Powering the next generation cruise vessel - cruising the decarbonisation journey
18 Jan 2023 · Webinar
How next-generation cruise vessels can succeed in smart decarbonisation
Webinar on smart decarbonisation for cruise ships. Royal Caribbean Group,...


Insights on the trending topics in the maritime industry.

Wärtsilä Fleet Optimisation Solution in use
7 Sep 2023 · Article
5 min read
Expert advice: 7 benefits of data in improving vessel performance
Are you looking for ways to improve vessel performance? These seven expert tips...
aerial view from ship
24 Aug 2023 · Article
7 min read
Seven fascinating hybrid ship trends that everyone needs to know about
The next decade is promising some exciting developments for hybrid vessels....
10 Aug 2023 · Article
5 min read
Shape up your vessel's maritime cyber security with these 8 clever tips
If your ship has equipment with network connections, it could be a target...
20 Feb 2023 · Article
7 min read
Methanol as marine fuel – is it the solution you are looking for?
What are the advantages of methanol as marine fuel? What are the issues that ship...
container ship
20 Jul 2023 · Article
3 min read
4 top tips to help you decarbonise your merchant fleet fast
If you own or operate merchant vessels like bulkers, tankers or container ships, how can...
AI-driven resource allocation in field services
28 Jun 2023 · Article
4 min read
Wärtsilä's Field Service delivery revolutionised by AI
How can artificial intelligence help find appropriate resources for field service...

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