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Wärtsilä provides environmentally and economically sound integrated solutions and products for merchant vessels - including Gas Carriers, Tankers, Container Vessels and a variety of other cargo vessels. Wärtsilä has a full range of capabilities and solutions to support the modern merchant vessel that has been built globally over the past 185 years.  This critical experience and capability is unique in the industry and enables Wartsila to deliver flexible solutions that look beyond current regulations to ensure vessels are prepared for future needs and business models.

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Container vessels

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Arriving just in time for the future

Late arrival of ships is a costly problem. But Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine technologies and port automation...
2 January 2020
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  • SmartMarine

The green energy of the future could...

There are currently 10,240 tankers hauling 3.8 billion gallons of crude oil around the world. We rely...
30 December 2019
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Container ships: is bigger always better?

Container ships have increased in size every year since the advent of containerised shipping itself...
27 December 2019
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Delivering on a deal that revolutionises...

In October, Anglo-Eastern agreed with Wärtsilä on a programme to digitalise its global fleet of more...
20 December 2019
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Shaft generators enable emissions-free...

Shaft generators generate power from a ship's main engines, but are now also being used to reduce emissions.
3 December 2019
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Who is afraid of the sulphur cap?

As the IMO’s Global Sulphur Cap 2020 approaches, time is running out for marine industry players to make...
31 October 2019
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Press releases

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  • The most environmentally friendly shuttle tanker
    Wärtsilä has collaborated with the shipping company to apply a broad range of solutions for a new tanker class that reduces not only the environmental impact from the vessel itself but from the cargo too. Developing the new E-Shuttle tanker concept together with TEEKAY required a total departure from the traditional shuttle tanker systems.

    The most environmentally friendly shuttle tanker

  • Compact Reliq for Knutsen LNG carriers
    The easy to install solution is designed to reliquefy the boil-off gas (BOG) from gas carriers and LNG bunker vessels, and to keep the cargo cool under all operating conditions.

    Compact Reliq for Knutsen LNG carriers

  • Retrofitted BW LPG ships
    Wärtsilä LPG Fuel Supply System (LFSS) retrofitted to BW LPG’s very large gas carrier (VLGC) vessels.

    Retrofitted BW LPG ships

  • Specialised cargo handling system design for VLEC
    The Wärtsilä systems include a highly efficient reliquefaction unit and a unique high-pressure ethane fuel supply system. The entire solution will be connected to Wärtsilä’s in-house developed remote monitoring and diagnosis tool, Operim, for efficient operational optimisation.

    Specialised cargo handling system design for VLEC

  • Technical and remote support for Teekay vessels
    Eight LNG Carrier vessels owned by the global Teekay Group all have 5-year Wärtsilä LNG Support agreements providing both technical and 24/7 remote support for the onboard Gas Process Plants.

    Technical and remote support for Teekay vessels

  • LNG Cargo System for bunker barge
    LNG Cargo Handling System for a new 5400 m3 LNG bunker barge.

    LNG Cargo System for bunker barge

  • Two new shuttle tankers for the KNOT Group
    The technology group Wärtsilä’s emissions abatement technology is again recognised with a new order. The company will provide its Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Recovery System, together with an LNG Fuel Gas Supply System, for two new 124,000 DWT shuttle tankers.

    Two new shuttle tankers for the KNOT Group

  • LNG vessel for Knutsen OAS Shipping
    The latest development of the LNG infrastructure provides clear evidence of the increasing importance of LNG fuel to the marine industry. Wärtsilä has a lot of experience and know-how throughout the LNG value chain, and we are confident that their solutions are what we need for this latest expansion to our fleet.

    LNG vessel for Knutsen OAS Shipping

  • Arklow Shipping fleet
    For its new build programme of 25 ships, Arklow Shipping requested a stable and always available internet solution for both operational and crew needs. Wärtsilä met this need by providing a 60 cm VSAT installation, complete with an lP phone system, network management and airtime.

    Arklow Shipping fleet

  • Clipper Harald
    Solvang selected the Wärtsilä Open Loop Scrubber System to be retrofitted onboard the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) tanker “Clipper Harald”.

    The Wärtsilä scrubber systems enables the vessels to comply with current and anticipated environmental legislation, and to operate without restrictions in Emissions Control Areas (ECAs).

    Clipper Harald

  • El Coquí and Taíno
    El Coquí and Taíno will be the very first LNG powered, American flagged, container RoRo ships. They will operate between Jacksonville, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico on a weekly rotational basis.

    El Coquí and Taíno

  • Emma Maersk
    The Emma Maersk is the first of a new series of 11,000 TEU container liners being built for the Danish A.P. Moller-Maersk Group by Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd in Denmark.

    Emma Maersk

  • JS INEOS Insight
    The highly advanced technological solutions that Wärtsilä provides makes these ships the most modern and environmentally sustainable gas carriers ever built.

    JS INEOS Insight

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