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Merchant Vessels - Partnering with you to develop the future fleet

Wärtsilä provides environmentally and economically sound integrated solutions and products for merchant vessels - including Gas Carriers, Tankers, Container Vessels and a variety of other cargo vessels. Wärtsilä has a full range of capabilities and solutions to support the modern merchant vessel that has been built globally over the past 185 years. This critical experience and capability is unique in the industry and enables Wartsila to deliver flexible solutions that look beyond current regulations to ensure vessels are prepared for future needs and business models.


21 JUN 2022 Article
5 min read
Creating an environment where expertise can blossom
Three leading experts explain how developing its own technology, fostering a culture of...
2 JUN 2022 Article
5 min read
The Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Future Fuels Conversion Platform – A fuel-proof way to gear up for decarbonisation
The Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Future Fuels...
Wärtsilä 46TS-DF - The power to change
1 JUN 2022 Article
5 min read
Wärtsilä 46TS-DF – The power to change
The Wärtsilä 46TS-DF delivers dual-fuel flexibility and record-breaking fuel economy across the operating...
23 MAY 2022 Article
4 min read
Easing LPG’s path towards acceptance as a viable marine fuel
Wärtsilä’s LPG Fuel Supply System (LFSS) makes a significant contribution to the...
11 MAY 2022 Article
6 min read
Improve manoeuvrability and efficiency for newbuild feeder vessels with a CPP
Learn how combining a controllable pitch propeller and shaft generator...
10 MAY 2022 Article
6 min read
Wärtsilä W32 methanol launch webinar
The Wärtsilä 32 Methanol engine is part of Wärtsilä’s wider efforts to help decarbonise the maritime industry...


21 SEP 2021 Webinar
Meeting Vessel Regulations - Container Vessel Focus
Decarbonising Shipping Week
20 SEP 2021 Webinar
Decarbonising Shipping Week - Preparing for Tomorrow Today
Five webinars one goal.
Bulker and Tanker Webinar
9 JUN 2020 Webinar
Smarter solutions for bulkers and tankers
Owners and managers of bulkers and tankers are under increasing pressure to maximize lifetime value and...
  • Teekay-reference

    Eco-friendly shuttle tanker

    A broad range of solutions for a new tanker class that reduces not only the environmental impact from the vessel itself but from the cargo too.

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  • Marfin HY Bulker reference

    Paolo Topic

    The integrated solution delivers a drastic reduction in fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

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  • Knutsen OAS banner

    Two new shuttle tankers for the KNOT Group

    will feature Wärtsilä’s VOC Recovery and LNG fuel systems to lower their emissions of CO2

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  • Aurora Spirit

    Spotting problems before they occur with Wärtsilä Expert Insight

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  • Gaslog reference slide picture

    GasLog Ltd.

    Maintenance agreement for the fleet of 15 LNG vessels

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  • Wärtsilä LNG Cargo System reference banner

    Wärtsilä’s LNG Cargo Handling System

    for a new 5400 m3 LNG bunker barge

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  • ACL Banner picture

    Atlantic Container Line

    Cost savings for 5 new Atlantic Container Line vessels

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