Germany can create an energy opportunity from the current challenge
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Germany can create an energy opportunity from the current challenge
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Are the answers in the clouds?
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What is human capital and why does it matter?
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Southeast Asia COP26 achieve net zero by 2050
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How can Southeast Asia meet the commitments of COP26 and achieve net zero by 2050?
Many of the leaders who attended COP26 at the end of 2021 made...
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It’s time to talk about responsible tech
Virtually every sphere of human life has been impacted by technology, but if it is not well designed, could...
About Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. We emphasise innovation in sustainable technology and services to help our customers continuously improve their environmental and economic performance.

Our purpose


  • Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

    Thanks to Wärtsilä’s intimate knowledge of the engines and deep engineering expertise, the Borealis and Bolette liners are now Tier II compliant and ship-shape for voyages among the breath-taking scenery of the Norwegian fjords.

  • GIGA Buffalo, The Netherlands

    Wärtsilä is supplying GIGA Storage BV with a 25 MW / 48 MWh energy storage system, the largest energy storage system in the Netherlands to date, that will optimise the power system, regulate energy frequency and reliability on the grid, and improve revenues.

  • Maersk Resolute

    Maersk Drilling chose Wärtsilä to install NOx reducers and upgrade the UNIC engine control system on one of its jack-up rigs to meet an exacting set of environmental standards.

  • AGL Energy Limited, Australia Barker Inlet Power Station

    With plenty of wind and sun, South Australia has become a forerunner in renewable energy. A high share of renewables needs, however, to be balanced by flexible power generation. To improve its energy reliability, AGL Energy Limited, one of Australia’s leading integrated energy companies, turned to Wärtsilä for dispatchable power.

    AGL Energy Limited, Australia Barker Inlet Power Station
  • Stena Germanica

    Stena Germanica is the first ship in the world to run on methanol as a marine fuel. Switching to methanol has cut the Stena Germanica’s NOX emissions by 60%, SOX emissions by 99% and particulate emissions by 90%.

    Stena Germanica reference