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White paper: How a service agreement could give your maritime business a competitive edge

A win-win approach will boost your competitiveness in complex maritime markets.

An outcome-based service agreement can help you gain a competitive edge. It is different from a traditional service agreement and it has proven to deliver success to maritime businesses.

Could a service agreement really be your ticket to business success?

Find out: Download this white paper now!

Cover How a service agreement could give your maritime business a competitive edge white paper

Download the white paper and discover how a service agreement could help you get an edge over your competition. 

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • You must decarbonise your operations and reduce emissions
  • You have to ensure performance and save fuel
  • You need to maximise the time between overhauls.

Traditional service agreements fall short in addressing these challenges effectively.
Not sure if an outcome-based service agreement could meet your needs?

Download this white paper and you will learn:

  • The seven signs that you might benefit from an outcome-based service agreement
  • How an outcome-based service agreement works
  • Five reasons why you should choose an outcome-based service agreement
  • How it is possible to get a guaranteed competitive edge, whatever your vessel type.

The paper includes real-life examples of owners and operators that are already reaping the benefits of an outcome-based business partnership with Wärtsilä. One of them gets fuel and emissions savings – guaranteed. Another prefers reliability and gets a guarantee on uptime.

Take action now to secure peace of mind and to gain competitive edge. The first step is easy: 

Download the white paper now!

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