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Media contacts


Corporate media contact:
Mr Atte Palomäki
Executive Vice President
Communications, Branding & Marketing
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 10 709 5599


Corporate media contact:
Ms Sari Luhanka
Manager, Global Media Relations
Communications & Branding
Location: Helsinki, Finland
On sabbatical until October 2022

Latest articles

19 AUG 2022 Article
3 min read

The winds of change – how rotor sail technology can boost maritime decarbonisation efforts

A deep dive into flexible, energy-saving rotor sail...
18 AUG 2022 Article
7 min read

Hard data and modelling make decarbonisation a reality

Wärtsilä’s decarbonisation experts use advanced technology to create and implement...
15 AUG 2022 Article
4 min read

Introducing the MS Medstraum – the world's first zero-emission fast ferry

As part of the EU-funded TrAM project, Wärtsilä and partners have...
11 AUG 2022 Article
4 min read

Africa’s energy future at a crossroad

When it comes to building the future of energy in Africa, the decisions facing the continent’s leaders today...
10 AUG 2022 Article
5 min read

Climate change survival heating up in South Asia

The record-breaking heat wave over South Asia is a sign that the impact of climate change has...
8 AUG 2022 Article
4 min read

Five common misconceptions about air lubrication – and why they’re wrong

Air lubrication is a highly effective way to cut ship fuel consumption, so...