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Employee benefits

Wärtsilä provides a wide variety of employee benefits tailored to specific countries and cultures. While some benefits are statutory, mandated by local legislation, others are supplementary, allowing the company to determine the benefits provided. We aim to provide benefits that are relevant and meaningful to our people in each country. Additionally, certain benefits may be assigned based on job requirements or type of work.

While the benefits vary from one country to another, examples of the employee benefits we offer include:

  • Flexible working arrangements, such as flexible work hours or remote work opportunities
  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical benefits
  • Pension plans
  • Physical & mental wellbeing, such as sports programs
  • Supplementary vacation days
  • Transportation assistance
  • Work-related equipment



Work-life balance through flexible working arrangements

Wärtsilä is committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance and flexible working arrangements aimed at improving productivity and quality of life. Flexible working arrangements can mean for example the possibility to agree on a part-time contract, based on the employee’s personal needs.

Furthermore, we support remote work opportunities and flexible working hours for employees in suitable roles, providing them with the flexibility to work from home or alternative locations based on our local company policies. For example in Finland, where we have the largest team of Wärtsilä employees, we utilise FlexiTime concept. It allows employees to whom applicable start and end their workday as they will within the flexible hours, as long as the contractual working hours are met.



Career mobility in Wärtsilä

Through internal career mobility options, we enable our people to acquire new knowledge, build networks, and enhance overall performance and collaboration. Our people may:

  • Apply for one of Wärtsilä’s open positions through our internal recruitment platform.
  • Apply for a specific job rotation role that is a short and fixed term vacancy in another role and team, after which you return to report to your home base.

In addition, we offer agile ways to support your professional growth and cross-team networking, learning, and collaboration. In job swap, two employees swap jobs for a clearly defined period after which both employees return to their original positions.
Whereas, job shadowing is on-the-job learning that allows you to follow and closely observe another employee performing the role. The length, content and aims of shadowing are customised by the participants based on their needs.

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Wellbeing at Wärtsilä globally

To support our employees' wellbeing, Wärtsilä has initiatives on each level; actions the employees can do themselves, ways for their line managers to support the team’s wellbeing, and role modelling behaviours we expect from our senior management.

All individuals are encouraged to embrace a healthy lifestyle, have smart and effective meetings, value work-life balance, engage in dialogue, and spread positive effect on their work environment through their own wellbeing.

Furthermore, line managers and senior leaders are expected to promote wellbeing through regular wellbeing talks within their teams and official townhalls. To support leaders in this important role, Wärtsilä has created a Wellbeing Tool Kit for our leaders. 

Wärtsilä’s renewed global wellbeing framework will be published in September 2024 – stay tuned.