Summer power

Summer power Q&A

What is Wärtsilä Summer Power?

Summer Power is a summer trainee campaign in Wärtsilä in Finland. Under which, every year Wärtsilä employs around 500 technical and business students to work in different positions in Vaasa,Turku and Helsinki with hybrid working.

Note!  We also have positions for Legal students, Language or Communication majors and Administrative Science students.


How can I apply?

You should apply through our official system. You can use links in Summer Power or find the positions at Wärtsilä Careers. When selecting students for summer jobs, only the applications sent via our website will be considered. You can apply to one or more of the categories based on your interest but note that you can only have one application and CV in the system.

The application period for 2023 is between 2.1.2023 and 28.2.2023. Interviews and selections can be made during the application time, so act fast! 

Please attach your CV and application letter to your profile on our website. Use pdf as the format. In the application letter, tell us what kind of summer trainee opportunities you are interested in and in which location you would like to work (Vaasa, Turku, Helsinki or any of the mentioned). Give examples to show your motivation, but if you have interest in more than one area, don`t limit yourself! You can also attach a link to your video CV in the files you share.

How can I make sure my application has been received? 
When you apply, you create a user account to our Talent Community. You can log in at any time and check or change your information. You can see all the positions you have applied to under "Jobs Applied". You will also get a confirmation email after you have officially applied. 

What is the best way to stand out from other applicants? 
There is no one answer to this, but one great way is to be active. This can mean attending student career fairs, meeting Wärtsilä people and creating networks in the industry. You can also find many relevant experts on platforms like LinkedIn, participate in mentoring programs and much more!

On top of that, the best thing you can do is to make sure you describe your skills and interests on the application letter accurately. Tell us what you are most interested in and what you can offer as an employee. Keep in mind that managers are the ones hiring the trainees and they want to find the best fit for their team. If you don`t mention something when applying - they will not know about it. So make sure all relevant information is easily available for them.

What is the best way to attach my video CV?
The recruitment system doesn`t support video files directly as they would take up too much storage space. However, you can attach a link to your CV, cover letter or create a separate document with the video CV link.  

If my information or CV has changed drastically since I sent in my application, can I edit my information?
Yes, you can log in and edit your contact information and the cv/application attachments during the application period. 

How can I apply to work in other Wärtsilä countries? 
Summer jobs are arranged locally, so if you want to work abroad, you have to look for open positions in the countries you are interested in. You can search for open positions from all countries here:

If I already applied last year, do I have to apply again? 
Yes, you have to send a new application to each specific vacancy. If however, you have applied to a job with us before, you can log in and use the same profile. Just remember to make sure your CV, application and contact information are up to date.  

What are my duties during the internship period?

Tasks vary depending on the business line and the department. Your knowledge and interests are also often taken into account. For example the skills of a first year student and a fourth year student are usually different.  Usually all trainee positions include supporting your team in day to day tasks, as well as taking on some independent responsibilities or projects. You can read stories from former summer trainees on Instagram to see what different fields of study could translate into. Check out @wartsilavoice for that.  

Is the Summer Power Hybrid program mandatory for the trainees?
No, The Summer Power Hybrid is a program we have created for all of our trainees, but participation in the events is optional. By taking part you can expand your skills and knowledge as well as network with Wärtsilä people and other trainees. So we do recommend it! 

What are the requirements for applicants?
Applicants have to be at least 18 years old and full time students. This is because summer jobs are for current students only. If you graduate before the summer, you can apply to other regular or fixed term positions or keep an eye out for our "Suomen Mentori" graduate level positions. 

As an ideal candidate you also have:

- On-going studies in a relevant field

- Working fluency in English, both written and spoken

- A level of tech-savviness, meaning skills and knowledge of the basic software and programs used in your field. (This can include Ms Office tools, Teams, SAP, PowerBi, SalesForce etc.) Particulars are listed in each application category specifically with requirements and things seen as a benefit. 

What does being a full time student mean? 
You can apply if you are a full time student. This means that you are for example graduating from a Finnish high school/ upper secondary school (lukio) this spring or you are studying in a vocational institute, university or in a university of applied sciences. Full time students are usually entitled to student support from Kela.  

What is the application process and selection like?

The selection of the summer trainees is conducted by the hiring managers in each team. Some managers may include team members in the process but usually it is the managers who will contact suitable candidates to set up the interviews.

The job interviews will be carried out usually during February, March and April. All process timetables for 2023 will be updated here.

How can I contact you?

Wärtsilä will participate in different student/recruitment fairs in Finland. Check the fairs near your location and come to talk with us.

Further information and questions on summer jobs only via email: