Summer power

Summer power Q&A

The Summer Power -program is only for full time students studying for a degree. What does this mean? 

This means that you are suitable candidate for the program if you are studying in 

  • upper secondary school (lukio) for a matriculation examination
  • a vocational education institute (ammattikoulu) for a profession
  • an university or university of applied sciences for a bachelor´s / master´s degree

Full time students are usually entitled to student support from Kela.


How can I apply?

You can find the open Summer Power positions from the bottom of the page in our Summer Power website or by searching the positions in Wärtsilä Careers website with the word "Summer". Please note that we only accept the applications that are submitted through our official system. 

By leaving your application to one category, you can apply to all of the positions in that category. You can apply to multiple categories, but please note, that you can add only one application letter and CV to the system. 

The application period is 2.1-29.2.2024. We start processing the applications as they arrive and make hiring decisions as soon as the suitable candidate is found - so leave your application as soon as possible.


If I have applied to Summer Power last year, do I have to apply again? 

Yes, you have to apply through the active open job posts. If you have applied to a job with us before, you can log in and use the same profile. Just remember to make sure your CV, application and contact information are up to date.


I have a video CV that I would like to attach to my application. How can I add it? 

Unfortunately our recruitment system does not support video files. However, you can attach a link to your video CV to your CV, application or a separate word/pdf document you add to your candidate profile.


How can I make sure my application has been received? 

When you apply, you create a user account to our Talent Community. You can log in at any time and check or change your information. You can see all the positions you have applied to under "Jobs Applied". You will also get a confirmation email after you have officially applied. 


Where can I get more detailed information about the positions and tasks of the Summer Trainees? 

The positions and tasks can vary a lot depending on the business and team you are working in. We have over 500 summer trainee positions that are located in all over our organization, so we need future talents from multiple fields of study. Usually all trainee positions include supporting your team in day to day tasks, as well as taking on independent responsibilities or projects.

You can read more about each Summer Power category here. We also recommend to check our Instagram @wartsilavoice for summer trainee and career stories. From these you can see some examples on what kind of positions and tasks we have. 


What is the best way to stand out from other applicants? 

Tell us about yourself. We only know what you tell us in your CV and application letter. Our hiring managers are trying to find the best possible fit for their team. Make sure that your skills and competences, related previous experience and any other relevant information is easily available. 

Highlight your interests. We are enthusiastic in what we do and want our trainees to be that too. In your application letter tell us what kind of tasks are you interested in. Is there something you are passionate about? With what kind of matters would you like to work with?

Be active. You can for example come and meet us in career fairs and networking events or take part in our workshops or mentoring programs. Following us in social media platforms is a great way to know what is happening. 


What is the application process like?

The first and most important step is that you submit your application to our recruiting system. Our hiring managers start processing the applications from the beginning of the application period. Each team has different kind of needs for a summer trainee, so the managers will get to know the candidates through their applications. If you are a potential match, the hiring manager will contact you and invite you to an interview. When a suitable candidate is found, they will be offered a summer trainee contract.

If for some reason you are not chosen to proceed from the interview phase, the manager will inform you about this. Your application will still stay active in our recruitment system, so that other managers can contact you if they are interested in interviewing you.

We will try to get all of the hiring decisions made and informed to all candidates via e-mail by 20.3.2024.


How can I apply to work in other Wärtsilä countries? 

We have some work opportunities that include travelling in the "Technology & Engineering" category. You can find more information here.

Summer trainee programs are arranged locally, so if you want to work abroad, you have to look for open positions in the countries you are interested in. You can search for open positions from all countries in our Wärtsilä Careers website


How can I contact you?

If you have questions related to the Summer Power -program, you can contact us via e-mail:

We will also be present at multiple recruitment fairs in Finland - come and say hi to us! We recommend to follow us in Instagram @wartsilavoice to keep up with the Summer Power -program and the events we are participating in.