Why Wärtsilä?

We are a team of approx. 17 800 Wärtsilians around the world, in more than 280 locations in 79 countries. We are experts in our own fields, with diverse skills, backgrounds and ambitions. What glues us together is the work we do to enforce Wärtsilä's purpose: Enabling sustainable societies through innovation in technology and services.

For us, a global working environment isn’t just a buzzword. We have experts, suppliers, and customers all around the world. You get to learn something new from your international colleagues every day – whether it is about their profession, their culture, or themselves. Whether you are an engineer or a business professional, you can be sure you will find like-minded people around you and build vast professional networks – and new friendships at Wärtsilä. 

In addition to our global working family, we gathered 3 core reasons why you should choose Wärtsilä.

We value You

We at Wärtsilä believe that diversity and true inclusion make us stronger.

We value your well-being and always prioritise your physical and psychological safety.

We care for and support each other to become the best versions of ourselves

Your growth is supported

We offer a career journey that leads to new and unexpected routes for your personal growth.

We foster an environment where we embrace new ideas, learn from mistakes and celebrate success together.

We empower you to develop beyond your potential, as we believe in nurturing a growth mindset.

You can make a difference - together

We enable sustainable societies through innovation in technology and services, working together with our partners for customer success.

We care and are committed to giving back to society locally and globally.

We believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation to make a difference.

At Wärtsilä we value, respect and embrace diversity, and everyone can be their true self and succeed according to their job-relevant merits and abilities. We pride ourselves on having a diverse representation of nationalities and cultures at all levels, departments, and functions of the organisation. More about our diversity & inclusion matters can be found here.

At Wärtsilä we are committed in complying responsible business conduct, fair employment practices, anti-corruption policy and some other commitments. You can find all of them here.

Flexible working and work-life balance

Wärtsilä is committed to promoting a healthy work-life balance and flexible workplace initiatives aimed at increasing productivity and positively impacting quality of life. Wärtsilä supports remote work opportunities for employees in suitable roles, providing them with the flexibility to work from home or alternative locations based on our local policies.

Remote working means working outside the employer’s premises and the employee's primary workplace, using modern technology and IT/ICT solutions.

Coaching and mentorship programmes


In 2021, we introduced an internal coaching framework that has since been incorporated into various coaching interventions and awareness-building initiatives across our organisation. Additionally, we established an internal framework for mentoring, providing employees with access to a formal Mentoring program.

At Wärtsilä, coaching and mentoring bring multiple benefits to our employees, including unlocking potential, fostering collaboration and career development, enabling knowledge transfer, supporting leadership development, and expanding professional networks.

Employee benefits

Wärtsilä provides a wide variety of employee benefits tailored to specific countries and cultures. While some benefits are statutory, mandated by local legislation, others are supplementary, allowing the company to determine the benefits provided. We aim to provide benefits that are relevant and meaningful to employees in each country. Additionally, certain benefits may be assigned based on job requirements or type of work.

Examples of the employee benefits we may offer include pension plans, insurance coverage, well-being and sports programs, medical benefits, supplementary vacation days, work-related equipment, transportation assistance, and flexible working arrangements. By prioritizing these benefits, we ensure that our employees have the necessary support and resources to thrive both personally and professionally.


Global reach

Wärtsilä has a widespread global presence, with operations in over 200 locations across 79 countries. We provide employees with the opportunity to work in diverse locations and gain international exposure. This global presence allows for collaboration with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds, fostering a rich and inclusive work environment.