Summer Power Finland 

New Summer Power positions will be posted on January 2, 2024.

Summer Power is Wärtsilä`s official trainee program for students in Finland. Our Summer Power campaign offers over 500 summer trainee positions located in Vaasa, Turku and Helsinki with hybrid work opportunities. 

We are looking for innovative, curious and solution focused students that share our ambitions towards decarbonisation and making a difference in the society by enabling sustainable societies through innovation in technology and services.

In return, we offer interesting tasks with extensive learning opportunities and a good variety of ways to take part in the company culture through feedback and personal input. We value development oriented people who enjoy having independent responsibilities as well as working in teams towards shared goals.

Our people are experts in their fields, but also just truly great to work with, so you can always ask for help and guidance, no matter your tasks. We think that the best outcomes come and more gets accomplished when everyone feels encouraged to bring their own true selves to work.


Application categories

“I really like our team spirit. I feel that it has been effortless to discuss ideas with my colleagues, and our team has an excellent work ethic and will to develop the business (2)

In Manufacturing & Assembly the available trainee positions are mostly in the Wärtsilä Delivery Center Sustainable Technology Hub (DC STH) in Vaskiluoto Vaasa. Available tasks can be found for example in engine laboratories, test run, manufacturing , assembly and machining lines. A great place to start your Wärtsilä career, getting to know modern manufacturing and our products. 

In Engineering & Technology  the available positions offer versatile engineering and technology related tasks for example in Project Management, Technical Documentation, Engine Labs, Automation, Construction and Commissioning, Sustainable Fuels, Design, Technical Support and Testing and Validation. Our R&D trainee roles are also covered by this application category.  

In Finance & Control the available positions are mainly in Wärtsilä Shared Service functions, such as Accounts Payable, Invoicing, Master Data and Travel Expenses. But other possibilities include for example positions in Finance & Control, Trade Finance and Invoicing.

In Information Management & Cyber Security the available positions are mainly in our IM organization or in Cyber Security. We also offer other IT related positions, such as in Software Development or Operational Development teams located within other business functions.

In Marketing & Communications the available positions are either in our local communication team, in Branding or in our business driven teams within  Marine or Energy Business in Finland. The tasks are all mainly related to content creation, documentation, brand identity and stakeholder communication.

“I really like our team spirit. I feel that it has been effortless to discuss ideas with my colleagues, and our team has an excellent work ethic and will to develop the business (1)

In Sales, Purchasing & Supply Chain the positions offer versatile tasks related to sales and purchasing processes with stakeholder cooperation, material management and sourcing. Other available opportunities are for example in Supply Chain Management operations.  Tasks are assigned based on the team but may include areas like reporting, sales support, handling quotations and orders, processing claims and developing processes. When applying select which area you are most interested in. 

In Business Administration, Development & Design the available positions are general business related commercial tasks or non-technical Development and Design related opportunities. These can be for example Business Administration, Project Management, UX/UI or Service Design, Human Resources or Coordinator roles.

In Legal & Compliance the available trainee positions are within either our Legal teams in Energy Business or Marine Business , or in other departments where support is needed in legal processes and where a legal background is seen as a benefit. Tasks in all mostly focus on international transactions and contract law. Our legal teams are specifically looking for students currently pursuing a Masters of Laws degree with +3 years of study behind them, though some support functions may also consider other relevant fields of study.

Please note that the summer job positions are for students only and there is no relocation costs and/or immigration support available for these positions

If you have questions, check out our Q&A first. If you need more support, contact 

Summer Power Hybrid- shared activities for trainees!

As we continue to offer hybrid working possibilities to all colleagues whose work allows it, we also continue our summer trainee activities in a hybrid form. We plan to offer events and gatherings in Vaasa, Turku and Helsinki with online options to make sure we can all enjoy the summer together - and we invite you to ideate on what you would like to participate in!   

It is vital that our newest Wärtsilians, some joining us for the first time in the summer, feel welcome, have a way to connect with people and to see how much we appreciate their work. That is why the Summer Power Hybrid- program was created in 2020. The initiative also received the award for the “most innovative summer job practice” through Oikotie`s Responsible Summer Job (Vastuullinen Kesäduuni) campaign in 2020. 

Become a trainee and Wärtsilä, join our community of great colleagues and even make new friends. So, If you join Wärtsilä next summer – be sure to take part in Summer Power Hybrid as well!


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