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Summer Power 2020 Finland


The Summer Power 2020 process has now been concluded. 
We want to thank everyone who took the time to apply with us. We were blown away by the high quality of all our 4 300 applicants and have informed all applicants on the results on 1.4.2020. 

The sudden changes in our global business environment due to the Corona-virus meant that we had to make some changes to our Summer Power positions as well. Our managers have now signed most of the summer trainee agreements with students they have chosen.  

Are you ready to explore your possible futures with Wärtsilä?

We are looking for motivated, energetic students who share our values of “Energy, Excellence and Excitement”. We want to create opportunities and make things happen, do better than anyone else in our industry and foster openness, respect and trust to create excitement. Work with us and support our purpose of enabling sustainable societies with smart technology.

Our Summer Power campaign offers  500 summer trainee positions in Finland. These positions are mainly in Vaasa but there are opportunities in Turku and Helsinki as well. We employ students from all technical and business fields to work with us in different positions in various tasks, depending on the department and the area they are interested in. This year we are also offering all hired trainees the opportunity to take part in Wärtsilä`s "Summer Innovation Challenge". Read more at the end of the page. 

These were the Summer Power application categories for 2020. Applicants were able to apply to multiple categories if more than one area fit their field of study and supported their interests.

In Manufacturing and Assembly the available trainee positions are  mostly in Delivery Center Vaasa. Available tasks are in engine laboratories, test run, manufacturing , assembly and machining lines.

In Engineering and R&D the  available positions have versatile technical tasks for example in Project Management, Research & Development, Technical Documentation, Engineering, Design and Automation & Testing. 

In Business Administration and HR the available positions are general business related, commercial tasks within for example Administration, Business Development or Human Resources. 

In Financial Services the available positions are mainly in Wärtsilä Shared Service functions, such as Accounts Payable, Invoicing, Master Data and Travel Expenses. But other possibilities include position for example in Finance & Control, Trade Finance, Invoicing, Export documentation etc. 

In Marketing and Communication  the available positions are in our local teams or in our global business driven teams within both Marine Business or Energy Business in Finland. The tasks are all related to content creation, documentation and stakeholder communication.                         

In Sales and Purchasing  the available positions have versatile tasks related to sales and purchasing processes with stakeholder cooperation, material management and sourcing. Other available opportunities are for example in Supply Chain Management operations. 

In Information Management the available positions are mostly in our IM organisation or in Cyber Security. The trainee tasks can be for example in Robotics Process Automation,Programming and Coding, Data Mining and Analytics or in Vulnerability Management.

In Legal  the available trainee positions are either in Legal and Contract Management within our Marine Business, in Legal Affairs within our Energy Business or in other departments where support in legal related tasks is required with for example contracts. Tasks in all mostly focus on international transactions and contract law. 

If you have any questions, please check the Q & A here first.

For further questions please contact

Please note that the summer job positions are for students only and there is no relocation costs and/or immigration support available for these positions.

“I enjoyed the working environment, it’s very organized, flexible, and I could work with zero mental tension.”
-Trainee 2019
“Amazing people, all seasoned professionals. The atmosphere was always relaxed and I wouldn`t change a thing. ”
- Trainee 2019
“I felt needed, and it felt good to get the chance to utilize and improve my skills while helping my team.”

-Trainee 2019

Update 23.3.2020: Effects of COVID-19 in regards to recruitment

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), combined with the impact of various government responses, is now affecting every person, organisation and society worldwide. We all need to find ways to deal with the crisis in our personal and business lives. During this difficult time, our aim is to secure the best possible support for our customers, partners and the communities in which we operate in a socially responsible way.

Due to the challenging situation and our efforts in containing the spread of this virus, our recruitment processes will experience changes as well. We are committed in providing our applicants the best possible experience when applying to Wärtsilä and promise to keep you informed with the changing situation. We ask you to be patient and to understand that we may experience delays and changes in our previous recruitment needs. We are all in this together and the best way forward is through trust and collaboration. That is why offering high quality traineeships for students and working together with educational institutes is a high priority for us both now and in the future.

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We are also a part of the Responsible Summer Job 2020 campaign, which means that we are committed to offering high quality summer jobs.


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