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Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment - a futureproofed compliance solution

Wärtsilä is the leading global manufacturer of exhaust gas abatement solutions for the international commercial shipping market.

Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment is part of a group that has decades of experience in ship engine and parts design and engineering. This, combined with its market-leading position as a smart technology company, provides Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment with unparalleled access to industry-leading experience, a world-leading team of engineers, and some of the most cutting-edge, data-led innovations in shipping.

We are dedicated to providing exhaust gas solutions for the long term and as true sustainable lifecycle solutions.

Cut SOx. Tackle NOx, particulate matter and black carbon

Our exhaust gas treatment solutions are in compliance with the International Maritime Organisation’s 2020 Global Sulphur Cap as well as the stricter SECA limit. They also generate large reductions in NOx, particulate matter and black carbon.

The implementation of IMO 2020 was a starting point for continually improving our scrubber technologies. The challenges of the future will heighten the requirement for truly safeguarded compliance solutions.

If the industry had not implemented IMO 2020 and started to reduce its SOX emissions, air pollution from ships would have contributed to more than 570,000 additional premature deaths worldwide over the next five years.

Our exhaust gas solutions are designed as a long-term technology solution with modular functionality, and will be supported across the entire lifespan of an installation with updates and upgrades in line with the best research and development, and customer and industry demands. 

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Technology crucial in tackling shipping’s sustainability challenge

With environmental pressure and stricter regulations, we must embrace technology to tackle shipping’s key sustainability issues.

Sigurd Jenssen, Director of Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment
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Business White Paper: Wärtsilä EGCS - The Latest Technology and Achievements

Wärtsilä is the market leading marine exhaust gas cleaning manufacturer covering the whole lifecycle of the system.

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Our track record speaks for itself: more than 800 exhaust gas treatment systems to ensure compliance and remain futureproofed for whatever shipping’s sustainability journey brings next. Find out more about our case studies and existing installations. 

By choosing a Wärtsilä system, owners and operators opt into a lifecycle approach, gaining access to an ecosystem of environment-improving, emissions reducing technologies, and directly contributing to the future sustainability of the shipping industry.

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Our expert team is ready to support you at every stage of your journey. Learn more about our exhaust gas abatement treatment systems, our upgrade and service agreements, and our lifecycle approach.