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A Lifecycle Agreement can help you stay competitive

Do you want to be more profitable with fewer interruptions? A Lifecycle Agreement with Wärtsilä can help you run your fleet optimally. It can also help you stay competitive and comply with decarbonisation targets.

Your competitiveness grows from a combination of technologies, skills, and capabilities. You can keep a step ahead when you have a reliable partner with the expertise to deliver. You will be able to see the following results:

A partnership that keeps you a step ahead

No single technology, piece of software, or skill alone can help you stay competitive. When you choose a reliable partner with expertise, you can get the following:

Reduced downtime

Decrease the risk of unplanned maintenance and costly downtime.

Improved performance

Save fuel and reduce emissions. Know your maintenance costs years ahead.

Guaranteed results

Secure your results through guaranteed performance targets and shared risk.


Outcome-based business partnerships

– Why they deliver superior results in complex marine markets

Learn exactly how a service agreement with performance guarantees can help you achieve superior results in complex marine markets

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Choose the right level of support for your marine assets

You can choose the level of service that you need. Opt for a Lifecycle Agreement that delivers the results you want: better control over maintenance costs, less unscheduled downtime, access to remote support and predictive maintenance. With Wärtsilä, you can also have a business partner who will share your risks.

Did you know?

A Lifecycle Agreement offers 5 surprising steps to get ahead of your competition. This infographic shows you how.

Download the Lifecycle Agreement infographic

Better operations with digitalisation and data

Digitalisation and connectivity make it possible to predict problems and make corrections before problems occur. Raw data from your assets is not enough: special analytics and expertise is needed to make sense of the data. This is why Wärtsilä has set up a global network of Expertise Centres.

Expertise Centres can help to:

  • Identify problems in advance and correct them before they lead to unplanned downtime
  • Get you remote support round-the-clock wherever and whenever you need
  • Lengthen your maintenance intervals in a safe way, with Data-Driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning.

Ships worldwide supported by a Wärtsilä Lifecycle solution


Of customers renew their Lifecycle agreements


Issues are solved remotely


Reduction of unscheduled maintenance

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about performance guarantees!

Download white paper “Outcome-based business partnerships – Why they deliver superior results in complex marine markets”

Lifecycle Service Agreement references

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    Cassiopeia Five Pte Ltd.

    Optimised Maintenance agreement for the large cutter dredger Cassiopeia V

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    Carnival Corporation

    12 year Guaranteed Asset Performance agreement for the fleet of 79 cruise vessels

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