MOL Sunflower Ltd.

Two MOL Sunflower Ltd. ferries, Sunflower Kurenai and Sunflower Murasaki, serve passengers travelling between Osaka and Beppu in Japan. To ensure these LNG-fuelled vessels – powered by Wärtsilä 31 dual-fuel engines – remain in peak operating condition to reduce the risk of operational delays, MOL Sunflower selected  a Wärtsilä Optimised Maintenance Agreement covering both vessels. The agreement improves long-term cost predictability and availability by using data-driven maintenance at every step from planning to execution. This secures that the engines are operating as efficiently as possible ensuring fuels efficiency, helping to save costs and reduce emissions.

Ferry Sunflower Kurenai

The scope of the agreement includes the Wärtsilä Expert Insight predictive maintenance service, which uses AI and advance rule-based diagnostics to prevent problems before they occur. Experts at the Wärtsilä Expertise Centers proactively monitors and notifies with actionable advice and recommendations for troubleshooting or maintenance to ensure efficiency remains high – which in turn keeps emissions low. Recommendations also helps to prevent unexpected downtime, as well as improve long-term cost predictability and asset availability by scheduling maintenance according to your business operations.

In addition, the partnership covers maintenance planning, resource scheduling, coordination and logistics of spare parts deliveries – and execution.

The 15-year Optimised Maintenance Agreement will:

  • Secure efficient engine operation with low fuel consumption and emissions
  • Reduce the risk of operational delays due to technical issues
  • Help to identify and resolve potential problems through proactive monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Ensure 24/7 operational support for crews

Operational reliability is critical for these vessels as they provide a vital transport link between Osaka and Beppu. The Optimised Maintenance Agreement gives us peace of mind by allowing us to focus on our core business of delivering the best possible passenger experience while Wärtsilä ensures that our assets remain in optimal condition.

MOL Sunflower Ltd.

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