Decarbonising maritime will take more than technology

In recent years, the maritime sector has awoken to the pressing need to make critical sustainability improvements and rethink its activities by embracing technology and digitalisation. Wärtsilä embraced the call for sustainability from the very beginning and promoted the change through active collaboration in the ecosystem and investments in new technology to usher the maritime industry into the age of decarbonised shipping.

    Meeting the targets by turning technology into solutions

    A different perspective

    The maritime industry's discussion of decarbonisation thus far has focused upon uncertainties, but Wärtsilä sees the situation rather differently. While many aspects of decarbonisation are indeed unknown, explains Andrea Morgante, Vice President, Strategy, Marine Power, certainties do exist, and Wärtsilä is well prepared to advise its customers on how the right decisions can be made. Continue reading »

      We believe in the power of our industry and we continually tell our customers that the uncertainties they keep hearing about are, in fact, certainties.

      Andrea Morgante
      Vice President, Strategy, Wärtsilä Marine Power

      Decarbonising NOW

      • Battling shipping’s CO2 emissions

        Battling CO2 emissions is at the heart of decarbonising maritime but what is the best way to reduce emissions. Our group of experts have put together a CO2 map which displays in real time the geographical concentrations and the build-up over time of CO2 emissions from shipping. We are able to create a digital twin of each vessel and simulate the effects of different combinations of energy saving technologies, power-limitation solutions and future fuels. The result is an unbiased, transparent evaluation – based on highly accurate data modelling – of the optimal solutions for your stated goals.

        Check out on the CO2 map


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