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How to reduce methane slip – winning tactics for your maritime business

Watch an interesting webinar to learn the smartest, winning tactics to reduce methane slip.

Methane slip is the unburned methane that escapes into the atmosphere when an engine burns LNG as fuel. Because methane is a harmful greenhouse gas, you should minimise this slip when you operate vessels with dual-fuel engines that burn LNG.

How to reduce methane slip? You will get answers to this burning question in an interesting webinar. Wärtsilä has developed engine technology over the years to minimise methane slip, and there are many other ways to cut it.



Watch this webinar and you will learn

  • The shocking consequences if you plan to do nothing about methane slip
  • 5 winning tactics for your maritime business to reduce methane slip – and one bonus tactic!
  • Simple ways to reduce methane slip with little or no additional investment needed
  • Top tips from the forward-thinking ferry operator, Wasaline: what future-proofing a vessel can mean in practice
Our presenters
Nicole Lyons
Nicole Lyons
Global Communications and Event Manager, Wärtsilä
Kent Astrand
Kent Åstrand
Strategy Manager, Wärtsilä
Max Deltreppo
Massimiliano Deltreppo
General Manager, Product Sales, Wärtsilä
Nico Höglund
Nico Höglund
Product Manager, Wärtsilä 31
Jonas Teir
Jonas Teir
Technical Director, Wasaline

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