White paper: Ensure a good CII rating and stay competitive

How to ensure a good CII rating while staying competitive? Energy-saving devices are a part of the answer. Here’s your quick guide to energy saving technologies.

Regulations set requirements for your decarbonisation measures – and you will want to stay competitive as well. This is why you need solutions that help you save fuel and decrease emissions now. Energy saving devices or technologies (ESTs) can help.

A wide range of technologies is available, from rudder and propeller-based solutions to hull air lubrication and rotor sails. The solutions will help you keep your vessels productive and competitive for longer.

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How to ensure a good CII rating while staying competitive – a quick guide to energy saving technologies

Download this white paper to learn how energy saving technologies can:

  • Support you on your route towards a low-carbon future
  • Be part of the optimal decarbonisation path for your fleet
  • Bring you proven business benefits.

The paper includes practical examples of results that using energy saving technologies has delivered to a Capesize bulk carrier and a NeoPanamax container ship.

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