Wärtsilä Online

Wärtsilä Online

A platform to optimise your everyday operations

Wärtsilä Online makes it easy to find product and service-specific information and documentation, procure spare parts, track deliveries, plan and oversee service and maintenance activities and much more. It is a secure and reliable platform for collaborating with Wärtsilä quickly, directly and transparently.

Why choose Wärtsilä Online?


Increased transparency

See your request history, track the status of your orders, and access up-to-date technical documents and spare parts pricing and availability. 



Streamlined processes

Send requests directly to the right Wärtsilä team and stay informed by subscribing to personalised digests and notifications. 



Improved collaboration

Easily comment on open technical requests and spare part and warranty claims, and quickly update equipment information such as running hours.


Main features in Wärtsilä Online


Buy spare parts

In just a few clicks, our web store lets you request quotations, place orders with up-to-date prices and availability, and view your detailed order history. Customers with a high volume of transactions can also use one of our Digital Commerce Solutions. 


Find technical documents

Wärtsilä Online gives you access to a wide variety of technical documents related to your equipment and makes it easy to update equipment data such as engine running hours. You can also find the answers to frequently asked technical questions and subscribe to update notifications.


Get support

Can’t find the answer you need? Wärtsilä Online has a dedicated team to answer your questions, with access to a complete history of all previous support requests concerning your company and installations. You can also register warranty claims, track the resolution progress and see a full history of your claim activities.



Maintenance Insights

In case you are enjoying Expert Insight in connection to a lifecycle agreement Wärtsilä Online provides you and access to visualised engine availability data, asset diagnostic reports, and fluid management reports visualising the trend lines of your engines' fluid health, helping you to take action to avoid unnecessary breakdowns, increasing the availability of your assets.

At anytime, anywhere and with any device

Wherever you are, Wärtsilä Online can make your work more efficient and productive, with 24/7 access to real-time information to optimise your operations. 



On-board the passenger vessel, Pearl Seaways, we have been using the Wärtsilä Online Services intensively since the introduction of the portal and it has grown into a real time saver for us.

- Rasmus Andersen, 2nd Engineer on DFDS Seaways’ vessel Pearl Seaways.



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Tutorial video for Wärtsilä Online



How to use Wärtsilä Online? 

Watch the tutorial videos to learn more about the features and how to get started with Wärtsilä Online.

Watch now >>

Frequently asked questions




What kinds of people will benefit from Wärtsilä Online?

The current platform is designed for owners and operators of vessels or power plants that are equipped with Wärtsilä products.

Which web browsers are supported?

To ensure the best possible user experience in Wärtsilä Online we recommend you use Chrome (best performance), Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge on mobile or desktop devices.

Why haven't I received my welcome email?

We aim to set up your Wärtsilä Online account within 1 working day so please be sure to check your junk mailbox in case you haven't received our welcome email. If you do not find the welcome email, please access again via the contact form.



Profile settings

What languages are supported in Wärtsilä Online?

The Wärtsilä Online platform can be navigated in several languages, as listed below. To ensure you receive the most speedy response, we recommend using English when communicating with our support teams via the platform.
Supported languages for navigation:

  • English
  • Spanish (Latin American) – Español Latinoamericano
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) – Português Brasileiro
  • Russian – Русский язык
  • Japanese – 日本語
  • Simplified Chinese – 简体中

NOTE: Technical documentation is available primarily in English.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password,  click here and fill in your email address and we will send you instructions for a password reset.

How long is my password valid for?

For cyber security reasons, your password will expire after 180 days. Before it expires, we will send you reminders so that you can change your password in advance and enjoy continuous access.





What kinds of features are available in the Commerce section?

In the Wärtsilä Online Commerce service you are able to place purchase orders from our always up-to-date online catalogue, and also see a full order history of any other orders placed in the account. You can view the price and availability of parts in real time, and make requests for quotations as well. After your order has been processed, Wärtsilä Online makes it easy to track and trace the status of your deliveries with just a few clicks. We also offer an easy way to make spare part claims and view any invoices related to your spare parts orders, all in one place.

What should I do if I can't find the desired spare part in the catalogue?

For support with finding the price and availability of a part, please create a TECH ID in Wärtsilä Online. If you do not have access to Wärtsilä Online, and for other general enquiries that are not covered by Wärtsilä Online, contact your account manager or your local Wärtsilä Office via the Global Address Book.

What kinds of technical documents can I view within Wärtsilä Online?

In Wärtsilä Online you have access to the following types of technical documents, which are always the latest and most applicable to your Wärtsilä assets:

  • Bulletins
  • Manuals
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • Work reports
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Software installation files
  • Technical reports
  • Technical support