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A platform to optimise your everyday operations

Wärtsilä Online

You can access and manage your installations and services at anytime, anywhere and with any device. Making your work more efficient, productive and reducing manual steps. 24/7 access to real-time information and data helps to optimise your operations and business.

What is Wärtsilä Online?

See how Wärtsilä Online helps you to manage information and maximize your productivity.



Document handling 
  • Easy access to all your information, technical data and reports.
  • Fast search for product specific technical and services documentation.
  • Status, performance insights and live data on all your connected products and services.
  • Best in class platform with smart tools to plan, optimise and keep track on your service and maintenance activities.
  • Digitally enhanced service experience.

Integrated procurement
  • Direct and reliable commerce platform for procuring spare parts and maintenance services.
  • Simple way to find right spare parts, track and trace your deliveries, and see full order history.

  • Transparent and fast way to collaborate.
  • Customer support, document sharing, chat and technical experts at your use – anytime, anywhere with any device.



Technical documents

Easy access to reliable up-to-date product and solution information related on your installations.

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Illustrated catalogues enable you to find the correct spare part with price and availability information fast. You can also browse order history and track and trace your deliveries.

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Lifecycle support

Customer and technical support, warranties, claims management and your full history data – all in one place. Have a direct dialogue with technical experts and get up-to-date advice and support.

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Field services

Follow your field service information, orders and reports. Stay updated on work progress.

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Real-time data and insights

Easily monitor status and performance of contracts, products and services connected to your installations. Smart insights and reports enable you both to improve efficiency and optimise maintenance.

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Wärtsilä Online is a platform to optimise your everyday operations...

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