Antigua Power Company

Antigua Power Company enhanced their spare parts handling process and troubleshooting by using Wärtsilä Online. The customer can already see clear benefits such as possibility to quickly check availability and prices of spare parts, which caters for an efficient maintenance planning. It is also a clear time saver for the plant operators, who can connect directly to Wärtsilä’s technical knowledge base to get answers.

"Through Wärtsilä Online we can quickly check availability and the prices of spare parts. This caters for an efficient maintenance planning.

Mr. Calid Hassad, Managing Director for Antigua Power Company Ltd.

    • Providing customer access to installation and equipment-specific technical information
    • Setting up access to Wärtsilä Online
    • Instant checking of spare parts availability and prices
    • Access to installation and equipment specific information 24/7
    • Enables an effective maintenance planning

    Wärtsilä Online

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