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We serve customers in various industries and our offering includes flexible engine power plants, energy storage and optimisation technology, and support over the lifecycle of our installations. Our numbers speak for themselves:

  • 79 GW flexible power plant capacity
  • 125+ energy storage installations
  • 18 GW under service agreements

Learn how we have helped our customers in 180 countries to succeed.

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  • Yamama_header
    Yamama Cement, Saudi Arabia
    When Saudi Arabia announced the Saudi 2030 Vision in 2016, Yamama Cement Company turned to Wärtsilä for a solution that...
  • Clearway_360x188
    Clearway Energy
    Supporting the clean energy transition in California and Hawaii
  • SSE Salisbury_light(1920 x 690 px)
    SSE, Salisbury, UK
    Unlocking the UK's path towards net-zero and stabilising an increasingly renewable grid
  • Giga Buffalo
    GIGA Buffalo, The Netherlands
    Wärtsilä is supplying GIGA Storage BV with a 25 MW / 48 MWh energy storage system, the largest energy storage system...
  • Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland
    Energy storage solution to balance the grid for the Scottish Shetland Islands
  • Engineer working in Paras Energy power plant.
    Paras Energy, Nigeria
    Since deciding in 2009 that its three new power plants would operate with Wärtsilä gas engines rather than gas turbines, the...
  • RECO energy storage system
    RECO, Honduras
    Wärtsilä storage technology optimises engine plant performance and facilitates renewables integration on the island of Roatan in...
  • Alteo
    ALTEO group, Hungary
    Electric grids are evolving rapidly, disrupted by deregulation, distributed energy resources, renewable portfolio standards,...
  • Mansourah-Massarah, Saudi Arabia
    A step ahead Down Under – 211 MW Dual Fuel flexible power plant ensuring reliability in the renewable-heavy South...
  • Geita gold mine aerial image.
    Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania
    Reliable power generation in a remote off-grid location in Tanzania.
  • swb Bremen CHP power plant
    Bremen, Germany
    Wärtsilä and Uniper enable a revenue-adding transition from coal to gas for public utility swb Erzeugung in Bremen, Germany. When...
  • Island of Bonaire
    Renewables plus energy storage become cost-competitive at an off-grid mine in Mali.
  • Cremzow case study
    Cremzow, Germany
    Storage meets the operational requirements of a power plant to provide frequency regulation services to Germany's...
  • Cartones Ponderosa, Mexico
    The gas conversion reduced the cost of electricity produced by 50% and also reduced emissions.
  • AGL Thumbnail
    AGL Energy Limited, Australia Barker Inlet Power Station
    A step ahead Down Under – 211 MW Dual Fuel flexible power plant ensuring reliability in...
  • Energy Storage in Mali
    B2Gold Fekola Mine, Mali
    Our GEMS Digital Energy Platform together with energy storage solutions were the key players in helping the Fekola gold...
  • Benndale, Mississippi, USA
    Benndale, Missisippi, USA
    Enabling an increase in variable generation with more flexible capacity that can rapidly start up when needed.
  • Pivot Power-Oxford battery 37-027
    Pivot Power, UK
    Wärtsilä delivers energy storage solution to support accelerate low-carbon emissions and provide grid balancing services to the UK...
  • Grupo Puntacana, Dominican Republic
    Grupo Puntacana, Dominican Republic
    A long-lasting partnership that adds value. Wärtsilä has supported Grupo Puntacana’s vision by providing...
  • Pointe Monnier, Mauritius
    Pointe Monnier, Mauritius
    The Central Electricity Board (CEB) of Mauritius improved the performance as well as reduced the operating costs of their...
  • Essakane Solar SAS - Burkina Faso
    Essakane Solar SAS, Burkina Faso
    The Essakane gold mine in Burkina Faso receives its needed power from Africa’s largest engine-solar PV hybrid power...
  • Hera
    Timor Leste, Indonesia
    Training services improve power plant operator competence levels.
  • Kaloum 5 - Republic of Guinea
    Kaloum 5, Republic of Guinea
    Power plant overhaul boosts availability and grid stability.
  • DREWAG_ (1920 x 690 px)
    DREWAG, Germany
    Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art gas engine technology will provide flexibility and black start capability to DREWAG, the local utility...
  • Centrica power plant aerial image.
    Centrica, UK
    The rapid growth in renewable energy in the UK has increased the need for flexible power to balance the electricity grid. Wärtsilä has...
  • Graciosa 1960 x 690 px
    Graciosa, Azores, Portugal
    A hybrid storage solution integrates and optimises wind, solar, storage and thermal generation assets on the island of...
  • Pesanggaran - Bali
    PLTD Pesanggaran, Bali
    Grid stability in Indonesia – 200MW multi-fuel power plant generating reliable electricity in Bali with operational and fuel...
  • Malicounda, Senegal
    Malicounda, Senegal
    With 450 MW of installed capacity in Senegal, Wärtsilä is the country’s leading provider of power generation equipment. The...
  • United Engineering
    United Engineering & Power Services
    Wärtsilä SafeStart secures power plant reliability and safety.
  • Inur Sakato power plant
    The Operation and maintenance solution covers daily operation and all related maintenance and administration tasks,...
  • IPP4
    IPP4 power plant
    Fuel flexibility increases power plant profitability
  • Hail Cement Company
    The Operation and maintenance agreement with Wärtsilä empowers the company to focus on their core business, which is cement...
  • Gulf Power Limited
    Gulf Power Limited
    A 10-year Operation and maintenance agreement enables the customer to fulfil power-selling obligations.
  • Delta-P-thumbnail
    Delta P Inc.
    Relocated power plant supplies much needed electricity for Palawan.
  • Chambersburg-thumbnail
    Chambersburg peaking power plant
    Increased reliability for Chambersburg peaking power plant.
  • IPP3 Power Plant, Jordan
    IPP3 power plant
    Commissioning to gas operation improves economy and reduces emissions.
  • Delimara (1960 x 690 px)
    Delimara power plant 3
    Gas conversion reduces power plant emission levels.
  • limbe-power-plant-thumbnail
    Limbe power plant
    Power Plant rehabilitation project restores original capacity.
  • Antigua-Power-Company-teaser
    Antigua Power Company
    More effective maintenance planning and spare part procurement with Wärtsilä Online.
  • Thumbnail of KMW
    Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG
    Flexible combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Germany –enabling KMW AG to operate profitably in the increasingly...
  • Marquette  Power Plant - Michigan - USA
    Marquette Energy Center, USA
    When the temperature drops to –40 degrees Celsius, blackouts are not an option. In order to secure a reliable energy...
  • Reference case Ittehad Power Plant - thumbnail
    Ittehad Chemicals
    Frequency conversion to ensure economic and reliable power stability.
  • Sasolburg operations - thumbnail
    Training for Sasolburg operations
    Training enabled independent operation and maintenance of gas power plant.
  • O&M for Sasolburg operations - thumbnail
    O&M for Sasolburg operations
    With a three-year shared Operations & maintenance agreement Sasolburg Operations enabled their local employees to...
  • Huinala Power plant - Mexico
    Huinala, Mexico
    Mexico is quickly amending its energy laws, creating a new electricity market and allowing the private sector to participate freely...
  • The first LNG shipment delivered to Tornio Manga LNG
    Tornio Manga LNG terminal, Finland
    The Tornio Manga LNG terminal is a long-term infrastructure investment programme. The beneficiaries include...
    McArthur River Mine, Australia
    The McArthur River Mine in Australia, is one of the world’s largest providers of zinc in bulk concentrate form....
  • Woodland 3 Generation Station - Modesto
    Woodland 3, Modesto, California, USA
    The state of California is known for its amazing nature and climate. Being home to beautiful beaches, sandy...
  • Port Westward Power Plant - Oregon
    Portland General Electric, Portland, USA
    Wärtsilä’s 50SG engines provide peaking power without efficiency loss in Port Westward Unit 2 in Portland,...
  • Wartsila power plant - Parnaiba IV Brazil
    Parnaíba IV, Brazil
    Energy security has become a priority in Brazil as the electric power supply has not kept pace with robust demand growth....
  • Wartsila power plant - Cheong Soo - South Korea
    Cheong Soo, South Korea
    In May 2007, Wärtsilä was awarded a contract from JB Enertek Co., Ltd., South Korea, to deliver engineering and equipment...
  • Makuhari Power Plant, Japan
    Makuhari, Japan
    The growing demand for natural gas as fuel and the increasing importance of environmental values in Japan have encouraged...
  • United Ashuganj Power Plant - Bangladesh
    United Ashuganj, Bangladesh
    A groundbreaking 200MW co-generation power plant solving Bangladesh's energy puzzle.
  • Arun - Sumatra, Indonesia
    Arun, Sumatra, Indonesia
    With a population of nearly 250 million and an economy that has grown at an average of 5.6 per cent a year over the last...
  • Grande Cote Power Plant - Senegal
    Grande Côte, Senegal
    The Grande Côte Mineral Sands Project aims to extract valuable zircon and titanium dioxide from sandy deposits along the...
  • Cemex - thumbnail
    Cemex, Colombia
    Renewal of long-term O&M agreement with CEMEX.
  • SDC thumbnail
    Upgrade improves plant availability and reliability.
  • O&M for Sasolburg operations - thumbnail
    Sasolburg, South Africa
    "Our old generating equipment was replaced with more efficient units. New power plant technology is used to meet increased...
  • Viana Power Plant - Brazil
    Viana, Brazil
    In 2008, Termelétrica Viana SA ordered a turnkey power plant comprising 20 Wärtsilä 20V32 engines giving 175 MW of installed...
  • Kipevu II thumbnail
    Kipevu II-III, Kenya
    The Kipevu II project started in 1996 when the Government of Kenya embarked on a series of major policy reforms, including...
  • Geramar Power Plant - Brazil
    Geramar I & II, Brazil
    In August 2008, Wärtsilä received the order for two power plants projects including EPC, at the same location.
  • Dr Bird II  Power plant - Jamaica
    Dr Bird I and II, Jamaica
    Wärtsilä Corporation won a repeat order for a 50 MW power barge from the Caribbean island of Jamaica in April 2005. It...
  • Attock power plant - Pakistan
    Attock, Pakistan
    Wärtsilä received an order in June 2007 to supply and install a 160 MW power plant at the Attock Refinery Ltd site near Rawalpindi...
  • Italgreen power plant - Italy
    Italgreen, Italy
    Wärtsilä was contracted to extend a liquid biofuel-fired plant in Monopoli, on the south-east coast of Italy. The contract...
  • Barrick Gold Power Plant
    Barrick Gold, USA
    Wärtsilä supplied a 116 MW gas power plant for the Canadian gold mining company Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.'s mine project in...
  • Engineer working in the engine hall (1920 x 690 px)
    Valkeakoski, Finland
    The energy company Valkeakosken Energia, owned by the City of Valkeakoski in southern Finland, provides its citizens with...
  • UTE Linhares Power Plant
    UTE Linhares, Brazil
    Linhares Geração S.A. of Brazil has ordered a stand-by gas power plant with 24 Wärtsilä 20V34SG engines. The power plant with...
  • Plains End I & II - Colorado
    Plains End I & II, CO, USA
    When deciding on the technology for Plains End I & II, the critical factors for Cogentrix were the ability to operate at...
  • Pearsall Station, Texas, USA
    Pearsall Station, Texas, USA
    The new energy landscape of the 21-century calls for cleaner, more sustainable energy. Texas has responded to the...
  • Lake Kivu - thumbnail
    Lake Kivu, Rwanda
    This power plant utilises naturally occurring methane gas from Lake Kivu to generate electricity via Wärtsilä 34SG engines. Total...
  • Antelope Station, Texas
    Antelope Station, Texas, USA
    THE WIND ENABLER RETURNS TO TEXAS The Golden Spread Electric Cooperative debated different back-up power alternatives...
  • Quisqueya Power Plant - Dominican Republic
    Quisqueya I & II, Dominican Republic
    In September 2011, Barrick Gold Corporation acquired a majority share in a gold mine located some 100...
  • Manisa Power Plant
    Manisa, Turkey
    Wärtsilä was awarded a major power plant contract for an 85 MW replacement and extension of an existing diesel power plant at Manisa...
  • Humboldt Bay Generating Station - California
    Humboldt Bay Generating Station, USA
    The Plant is located in Humboldt County near Eureka in northern California. PG&E selected Wärtsilä's...
  • UTE-Ponta-Negra_1920x1078
    Gera, Brazil
    In 2022 Wärtsilä has successfully converted the dual-fuel combustion engines to Wärtsilä 50SG gas-fuelled engines. This major upgrade...
  • Eklutna Generation Station Palmer
    Eklutna Generation Station, Palmer, Alaska, USA
    "In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, these engines can switch fuels without a...
  • Eden-Yuturi-thumbnail
    Eden Yuturi, Ecuador
    A 85 MW Wärtsilä baseload power plant is operating on the Eden-Yuturi oil field development site in Eastern Ecuador. The plant...
  • Barajas Airport CHP Power Plant - Madrid
    Barajas Airport, Spain
    Supplying electricity, heating and cooling for one of Europe's busiest airports.
  • Linate Airport, Italy
    Linate Airport, Italy
    In June 2007, Wärtsilä and EuroPower SpA commenced operation of a 24 MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant at Linate airport,...
  • Kiisa - Estonia
    Kiisa, Estonia
    Elering, the Estonian transmission system operator, is responsible for managing the Estonian electrical grid. A constant, real-time...
  • OCP Ecuador thumbnail
    OCP, Ecuador
    OCP Ecuador S.A. has built the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, the most important project developed in Ecuador since the 1970s. The project...
  • villano
    AGIP Villano, Ecuador
    AGIP Ecuador is the operator of the 40,000 bpd Villano oil field in the Oriente jungle in Ecuador. Since the drilling site is...
  • Kohinoor Energy Thumbnail
    Kohinoor Energy
    Turbocharger upgrade brings economy into plant operations.
  • Gas conversion
    Aksa Samsun, Turkey
    Gas conversion for reduced emissions and lowered operational costs.
  • Aliaga Power Plant
    Aliaga, Turkey
    The Aliaga power plant, which belongs to Cakmaktepe Energy, has been supplied with 28 Wärtsilä 20V34SG gas-fired generating sets and...
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