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We serve customers in various industries and our offering includes flexible balancing engines, energy storage and optimisation, and support over the lifecycle. Our numbers speak for themselves:

  • 76 GW flexible power plant capacity
  • 110+ energy storage installations
  • 15 GW under service agreements

Learn how we have helped our customers in 180 countries to succeed throughout long-lasting partnerships.

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  • Clearway_360x188

    Clearway Energy

    Supporting the clean energy transition in California and Hawaii
  • SSE Salisbury_light(1920 x 690 px)

    SSE, Salisbury, UK

    Unlocking the UK's path towards net-zero and stabilising an increasingly renewable grid
  • Giga Buffalo

    GIGA Buffalo, The Netherlands

    Wärtsilä is supplying GIGA Storage BV with a 25 MW / 48 MWh energy storage system, the largest energy storage system...
  • Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland

    Energy storage solution to balance the grid for the Scottish Shetland Islands
  • Paras Energy, Nigeria

    Since deciding in 2009 that its three new power plants would operate with Wärtsilä gas engines rather than gas turbines, the...
  • RECO energy storage system

    RECO, Honduras

    Wärtsilä storage technology optimises engine plant performance and facilitates renewables integration on the island of Roatan in...
  • Alteo

    ALTEO group, Hungary

    Electric grids are evolving rapidly, disrupted by deregulation, distributed energy resources, renewable portfolio standards,...
  • Mansourah-Massarah, Saudi Arabia

    A hybrid solution for reliable, sustainable power generation
  • Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania

    Reliable power generation in a remote off-grid location in Tanzania.
  • swb Bremen CHP power plant

    Bremen, Germany

    Wärtsilä and Uniper enable a revenue-adding transition from coal to gas for public utility swb Erzeugung in Bremen, Germany. When...
  • Island of Bonaire

    Renewables plus energy storage become cost-competitive at an off-grid mine in Mali.
  • Cremzow case study

    Cremzow, Germany

    Storage meets the operational requirements of a power plant to provide frequency regulation services to Germany's...
  • Cartones Ponderosa, Mexico

    The gas conversion reduced the cost of electricity produced by 50% and also reduced emissions.
  • AGL Thumbnail

    AGL Energy Limited, Australia Barker Inlet Power Station

    With plenty of wind and sun, South Australia has become a forerunner in renewable energy....
  • Energy Storage in Mali

    B2Gold Fekola Mine, Mali

    Our GEMS Digital Energy Platform together with energy storage solutions were the key players in helping the Fekola gold...
  • Benndale, Mississippi, USA

    Benndale, Missisippi, USA

    Enabling an increase in variable generation with more flexible capacity that can rapidly start up when needed.
  • Pivot Power-Oxford battery 37-027

    Pivot Power, UK

    Wärtsilä delivers energy storage solution to support accelerate low-carbon emissions and provide grid balancing services to the UK...
  • Grupo Puntacana, Dominican Republic

    Grupo Puntacana, Dominican Republic

    A long-lasting partnership that adds value. Wärtsilä has supported Grupo Puntacana’s vision by providing...
  • Pointe Monnier, Mauritius

    Pointe Monnier, Mauritius

    The Central Electricity Board (CEB) of Mauritius improved the performance as well as reduced the operating costs of their...
  • Essakane Solar SAS - Burkina Faso

    Essakane Solar SAS, Burkina Faso

    The Essakane gold mine in Burkina Faso receives its needed power from Africa’s largest engine-solar PV hybrid power...
  • Hera

    Timor Leste, Indonesia

    Training services improve power plant operator competence levels.
  • Kaloum 5 - Republic of Guinea

    Kaloum 5, Republic of Guinea

    Power plant overhaul boosts availability and grid stability.
  • DREWAG_ (1920 x 690 px)

    DREWAG, Germany

    Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art gas engine technology will provide flexibility and black start capability to DREWAG, the local utility...
  • Centrica, UK

    The rapid growth in renewable energy in the UK has increased the need for flexible power to balance the electricity grid. Wärtsilä has...
  • Graciosa 1960 x 690 px

    Graciosa, Azores, Portugal

    A hybrid storage solution integrates and optimises wind, solar, storage and thermal generation assets on the island of...
  • Pesanggaran - Bali

    PLTD Pesanggaran, Bali

    Indonesia is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies in terms of energy consumption. With a steadily growing population of...
  • Malicounda, Senegal

    Malicounda, Senegal

    With 450 MW of installed capacity in Senegal, Wärtsilä is the country’s leading provider of power generation equipment. The...
  • United Engineering

    United Engineering & Power Services

    Wärtsilä SafeStart secures power plant reliability and safety.
  • Inur Sakato power plant

    The Operation and maintenance solution covers daily operation and all related maintenance and administration tasks,...
  • IPP4

    IPP4 power plant

    Fuel flexibility increases power plant profitability
  • Hail Cement Company

    The Operation and maintenance agreement with Wärtsilä empowers the company to focus on their core business, which is cement...
  • Gulf Power Limited

    Gulf Power Limited

    A 10-year Operation and maintenance agreement enables the customer to fulfil power-selling obligations.
  • Delta-P-thumbnail

    Delta P Inc.

    Relocated power plant supplies much needed electricity for Palawan.
  • Chambersburg-thumbnail

    Chambersburg peaking power plant

    Increased reliability for Chambersburg peaking power plant.
  • IPP3 Power Plant, Jordan

    IPP3 power plant

    Commissioning to gas operation improves economy and reduces emissions.
  • Delimara (1960 x 690 px)

    Delimara power plant 3

    Gas conversion reduces power plant emission levels.
  • limbe-power-plant-thumbnail

    Limbe power plant

    Power Plant rehabilitation project restores original capacity.
  • Antigua-Power-Company-teaser

    More effective maintenance planning

    Antigua Power Company
  • Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG

    Flexible combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Germany –enabling KMW AG to operate profitably in the increasingly...
  • Plains-end-reference-thumbnail

    Plains End

    New engine pre-chamber improves peaking plant efficiency.
  • Marquette  Power Plant - Michigan - USA

    Marquette Energy Center, USA

    When the temperature drops to –40 degrees Celsius, blackouts are not an option. In order to secure a reliable energy...
  • Reference case Ittehad Power Plant - thumbnail

    Ittehad Chemicals

    Frequency conversion to ensure economic and reliable power stability.
  • Sasolburg operations - thumbnail

    Training for Sasolburg operations

    Training enabled independent operation and maintenance of gas power plant.
  • O&M for Sasolburg operations - thumbnail

    O&M for Sasolburg operations

    With a three-year shared Operations & maintenance agreement Sasolburg Operations enabled their local employees to...
  • Huinala Power plant - Mexico

    Huinala, Mexico

    Mexico is quickly amending its energy laws, creating a new electricity market and allowing the private sector to participate freely...
  • Riyadh Cement Company

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia has diversified its economy and today it produces and exports a variety of industrial goods all over the world as...
  • The first LNG shipment delivered to Tornio Manga LNG

    Tornio Manga LNG terminal, Finland

    The Tornio Manga LNG terminal is a long-term infrastructure investment programme. The beneficiaries include...

    McArthur River Mine, Australia

    The McArthur River Mine in Australia, is one of the world’s largest providers of zinc in bulk concentrate form....
  • Woodland 3 Generation Station - Modesto

    Woodland 3, Modesto, California, USA

    The state of California is known for its amazing nature and climate. Being home to beautiful beaches, sandy...
  • Port Westward Power Plant - Oregon

    Port Westward Unit 2 Portland, Oregon, USA

    Portland General Electric Company (PGE) is an investor-owned utility (IOU) located in the Pacific...
  • Wartsila power plant - Parnaiba IV Brazil

    Parnaíba IV, Brazil

    Energy security has become a priority in Brazil as the electric power supply has not kept pace with robust demand growth....
  • Wartsila power plant - Cheong Soo - South Korea

    Cheong Soo, South Korea

    In May 2007, Wärtsilä was awarded a contract from JB Enertek Co., Ltd., South Korea, to deliver engineering and equipment...
  • Makuhari Power Plant, Japan

    Makuhari, Japan

    The growing demand for natural gas as fuel and the increasing importance of environmental values in Japan have encouraged...
  • United Ashuganj Power Plant - Bangladesh

    United Ashuganj, Bangladesh

    Both for Wärtsilä and for Bangladesh, the United Ashuganj 200 MW modular power plant project is a true ground-breaker....
  • Arun - Sumatra, Indonesia

    Arun, Sumatra, Indonesia

    With a population of nearly 250 million and an economy that has grown at an average of 5.6 per cent a year over the last...
  • Grande Cote Power Plant - Senegal

    Grande Côte, Senegal

    The Grande Côte Mineral Sands Project aims to extract valuable zircon and titanium dioxide from sandy deposits along the...
  • Cemex - thumbnail

    Cemex, Colombia

    Renewal of long-term O&M agreement with CEMEX.
  • SDC thumbnail


    Upgrade improves plant availability and reliability.
  • O&M for Sasolburg operations - thumbnail

    Sasolburg, South Africa

    "Our old generating equipment was replaced with more efficient units. New power plant technology is used to meet increased...
  • Viana Power Plant - Brazil

    Viana, Brazil

    In 2008, Termelétrica Viana SA ordered a turnkey power plant comprising 20 Wärtsilä 20V32 engines giving 175 MW of installed...
  • Kipevu II thumbnail

    Kipevu II-III, Kenya

    The Kipevu II project started in 1996 when the Government of Kenya embarked on a series of major policy reforms, including...
  • Geramar Power Plant - Brazil

    Geramar I & II, Brazil

    In August 2008, Wärtsilä received the order for two power plants projects including EPC, at the same location.
  • Dr Bird II  Power plant - Jamaica

    Dr Bird I and II, Jamaica

    Wärtsilä Corporation won a repeat order for a 50 MW power barge from the Caribbean island of Jamaica in April 2005. It...
  • Attock power plant - Pakistan

    Attock, Pakistan

    Wärtsilä received an order in June 2007 to supply and install a 160 MW power plant at the Attock Refinery Ltd site near Rawalpindi...
  • Italgreen power plant - Italy

    Italgreen, Italy

    Wärtsilä was contracted to extend a liquid biofuel-fired plant in Monopoli, on the south-east coast of Italy. The contract...
  • Barrick Gold Power Plant

    Barrick Gold, USA

    Wärtsilä supplied a 116 MW gas power plant for the Canadian gold mining company Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.'s mine project in...
  • Engineer working in the engine hall (1920 x 690 px)

    Valkeakoski, Finland

    The energy company Valkeakosken Energia, owned by the City of Valkeakoski in southern Finland, provides its citizens with...
  • UTE Linhares Power Plant

    UTE Linhares, Brazil

    Linhares Geração S.A. of Brazil has ordered a stand-by gas power plant with 24 Wärtsilä 20V34SG engines. The power plant with...
  • Plains End I & II - Colorado

    Plains End I & II, CO, USA

    When deciding on the technology for Plains End I & II, the critical factors for Cogentrix were the ability to operate at...
  • Pearsall Station, Texas, USA

    Pearsall Station, Texas, USA

    The new energy landscape of the 21-century calls for cleaner, more sustainable energy. Texas has responded to the...
  • Lake Kivu - thumbnail

    Lake Kivu, Rwanda

    This power plant utilises naturally occurring methane gas from Lake Kivu to generate electricity via Wärtsilä 34SG engines. Total...
  • Antelope Station, Texas

    Antelope Station, Texas, USA

    THE WIND ENABLER RETURNS TO TEXAS The Golden Spread Electric Cooperative debated different back-up power alternatives...
  • Quisqueya Power Plant - Dominican Republic

    Quisqueya I & II, Dominican Republic

    In September 2011, Barrick Gold Corporation acquired a majority share in a gold mine located some 100...
  • Manisa Power Plant

    Manisa, Turkey

    Wärtsilä was awarded a major power plant contract for an 85 MW replacement and extension of an existing diesel power plant at Manisa...
  • Humboldt Bay Generating Station - California

    Humboldt Bay Generating Station, USA

    The Plant is located in Humboldt County near Eureka in northern California. PG&E selected Wärtsilä's...
  • UTE-Ponta-Negra_1920x1078

    Gera, Brazil

    In 2022 Wärtsilä has successfully converted the dual-fuel combustion engines to Wärtsilä 50SG gas-fuelled engines. This major upgrade...
  • Eklutna Generation Station Palmer

    Eklutna Generation Station, Palmer, Alaska, USA

    "In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, these engines can switch fuels without a...
  • Eden-Yuturi-thumbnail

    Eden Yuturi, Ecuador

    A 85 MW Wärtsilä baseload power plant is operating on the Eden-Yuturi oil field development site in Eastern Ecuador. The plant...
  • Barajas Airport CHP Power Plant - Madrid

    Barajas Airport, Spain

    Supplying electricity, heating and cooling for one of Europe's busiest airports.
  • Linate Airport, Italy

    Linate Airport, Italy

    In June 2007, Wärtsilä and EuroPower SpA commenced operation of a 24 MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant at Linate airport,...
  • Kiisa - Estonia

    Kiisa, Estonia

    Elering, the Estonian transmission system operator, is responsible for managing the Estonian electrical grid. A constant, real-time...
  • OCP Ecuador thumbnail

    OCP, Ecuador

    OCP Ecuador S.A. has built the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, the most important project developed in Ecuador since the 1970s. The project...
  • villano

    AGIP Villano, Ecuador

    AGIP Ecuador is the operator of the 40,000 bpd Villano oil field in the Oriente jungle in Ecuador. Since the drilling site is...
  • Kohinoor Energy Thumbnail

    Kohinoor Energy

    Turbocharger upgrade brings economy into plant operations.
  • Gas conversion

    Aksa Samsun, Turkey

    Gas conversion for reduced emissions and lowered operational costs.
  • Aliaga Power Plant

    Aliaga, Turkey

    The Aliaga power plant, which belongs to Cakmaktepe Energy, has been supplied with 28 Wärtsilä 20V34SG gas-fired generating sets and...

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