Marquette Energy Center

Michigan, USA

50 MW

When the temperature drops to –40 degrees Celsius, blackouts are not an option. In order to secure a reliable energy supply and enable more renewable energy, Marquette Board of Light and Power (MBLP) in Michigan, USA, opted for Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation technology. As an added benefit, the ultra-flexible power plant provides a new source of income by following real-time electricity prices. The dual-fuel plant replaces old coal-fired capacity.

Marquette  Power Plant - Michigan - USA
Wärtsilä’s solution is reliable, efficient, flexible in fuel choice, and also environmentally sustainable. It will support our compliance with upcoming CO2 regulations.
Paul Kitti, Executive Director of Marquette Board of Light and Power


Add intermittent wind and solar

Cold climate, remote location

Upcoming carbon regulations


Flexible back-up power

Reliable energy supply

Efficient gas power


Enable more renewables

Keep the lights on at all times

Meet emission requirements

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Main data

Customer Marquette Board of Light and Power (Utility)
Type Wärtsilä 50DF multi-fuel power plant
Operating mode Peaking and back-up baseload
Gensets 3 x Wärtsilä 18V50DF
Total output 50 MW
Fuel Natural gas, light fuel oil as back-up
Scope Engineered Equipment Delivery (EEQ)
Delivered 2017

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