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Utilities reference cases


Clearway Energy

Supporting the clean energy transition in California and Hawaii
SSE Salisbury_light(1920 x 690 px)

SSE, Salisbury, UK

Unlocking the UK's path towards net-zero and stabilising an increasingly renewable grid
Giga Buffalo

GIGA Buffalo, The Netherlands

Wärtsilä is supplying GIGA Storage BV with a 25 MW / 48 MWh energy storage system, the largest energy storage system...

Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland

Energy storage solution to balance the grid for the Scottish Shetland Islands

Paras Energy, Nigeria

Since deciding in 2009 that its three new power plants would operate with Wärtsilä gas engines rather than gas turbines, the...
RECO energy storage system

RECO, Honduras

Wärtsilä storage technology optimises engine plant performance and facilitates renewables integration on the island of Roatan in...

ALTEO group, Hungary

Electric grids are evolving rapidly, disrupted by deregulation, distributed energy resources, renewable portfolio standards,...
swb Bremen CHP power plant

Bremen, Germany

Wärtsilä and Uniper enable a revenue-adding transition from coal to gas for public utility swb Erzeugung in Bremen, Germany. When...
AGL Thumbnail

AGL Energy Limited, Australia Barker Inlet Power Station

With plenty of wind and sun, South Australia has become a forerunner in renewable energy....
Benndale, Mississippi, USA

Benndale, Missisippi, USA

Enabling an increase in variable generation with more flexible capacity that can rapidly start up when needed.
Pivot Power-Oxford battery 37-027

Pivot Power, UK

Wärtsilä delivers energy storage solution to support accelerate low-carbon emissions and provide grid balancing services to the UK...
Pointe Monnier, Mauritius

Pointe Monnier, Mauritius

The Central Electricity Board (CEB) of Mauritius improved the performance as well as reduced the operating costs of their...

Timor Leste, Indonesia

Training services improve power plant operator competence levels.
Kaloum 5 - Republic of Guinea

Kaloum 5, Republic of Guinea

Power plant overhaul boosts availability and grid stability.
DREWAG_ (1920 x 690 px)

DREWAG, Germany

Wärtsilä’s state-of-the-art gas engine technology will provide flexibility and black start capability to DREWAG, the local utility...

Centrica, UK

The rapid growth in renewable energy in the UK has increased the need for flexible power to balance the electricity grid. Wärtsilä has...
Graciosa 1960 x 690 px

Graciosa, Azores, Portugal

A hybrid storage solution integrates and optimises wind, solar, storage and thermal generation assets on the island of...
Pesanggaran - Bali

PLTD Pesanggaran, Bali

Indonesia is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies in terms of energy consumption. With a steadily growing population of...

Chambersburg peaking power plant

Increased reliability for Chambersburg peaking power plant.
Delimara (1960 x 690 px)

Delimara power plant 3

Gas conversion reduces power plant emission levels.

Limbe power plant

Power Plant rehabilitation project restores original capacity.

Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG

Flexible combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Germany –enabling KMW AG to operate profitably in the increasingly...
Marquette  Power Plant - Michigan - USA

Marquette Energy Center, USA

When the temperature drops to –40 degrees Celsius, blackouts are not an option. In order to secure a reliable energy...
Woodland 3 Generation Station - Modesto

Woodland 3, Modesto, California, USA

The state of California is known for its amazing nature and climate. Being home to beautiful beaches, sandy...
Port Westward Power Plant - Oregon

Portland General Electric, Portland, USA

Wärtsilä’s 50SG engines provide peaking power without efficiency loss in Port Westward Unit 2 in Portland,...
Makuhari Power Plant, Japan

Makuhari, Japan

The growing demand for natural gas as fuel and the increasing importance of environmental values in Japan have encouraged...
Arun - Sumatra, Indonesia

Arun, Sumatra, Indonesia

With a population of nearly 250 million and an economy that has grown at an average of 5.6 per cent a year over the last...
Kipevu II thumbnail

Kipevu II-III, Kenya

The Kipevu II project started in 1996 when the Government of Kenya embarked on a series of major policy reforms, including...
Engineer working in the engine hall (1920 x 690 px)

Valkeakoski, Finland

The energy company Valkeakosken Energia, owned by the City of Valkeakoski in southern Finland, provides its citizens with...
Pearsall Station, Texas, USA

Pearsall Station, Texas, USA

The new energy landscape of the 21-century calls for cleaner, more sustainable energy. Texas has responded to the...
Antelope Station, Texas

Antelope Station, Texas, USA

THE WIND ENABLER RETURNS TO TEXAS The Golden Spread Electric Cooperative debated different back-up power alternatives...
Manisa Power Plant

Manisa, Turkey

Wärtsilä was awarded a major power plant contract for an 85 MW replacement and extension of an existing diesel power plant at Manisa...
Humboldt Bay Generating Station - California

Humboldt Bay Generating Station, USA

The Plant is located in Humboldt County near Eureka in northern California. PG&E selected Wärtsilä's...
Eklutna Generation Station Palmer

Eklutna Generation Station, Palmer, Alaska, USA

"In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, these engines can switch fuels without a...
Kiisa - Estonia

Kiisa, Estonia

Elering, the Estonian transmission system operator, is responsible for managing the Estonian electrical grid. A constant, real-time...