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Reference case

Hybrid solution for optimised performance

The first Engine+ solution deployment includes a 6 MW / 4 MWh energy storage system. It is fully integrated with the existing power plant using GEMS Digital Energy Platform. The software is a critical component of the Engine+ installation as it is able to analyse changes in market conditions and rate structures. Having such robust optimisation capabilities, helps ALTEO not only maximise revenue, but also protect their energy storage investment for years to come.

Electric grids are evolving rapidly, disrupted by deregulation, distributed energy resources, renewable portfolio standards, and smart grid technologies. Energy storage technology is uniquely positioned at the heart of this transition, and focuses on optimising the current thermal energy generation infrastructure. Energy storage systems (ESS) have specifically emerged as a viable upgrade to optimise generation performance for both renewable and traditional power sources and to help energy providers increase their revenue streams.

ALTEO Group is an energy service provider and trading company based in Hungary. ALTEO provides its customers reliable and environmentally conscious solutions for their energy needs while also focusing on sustainability. ALTEO was looking to increase its revenue streams, participate in the energy trading market and to have the first energy storage installation in Hungary. ALTEO turned to Wärtsilä for their Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) expertise, their industry leading software, GEMS Digital Energy Platform, and experience in complex energy storage and multi-application systems.

The latest deployment between Wärtsilä and Sinergy KFT, subsidiary of ALTEO Group, leverages energy storage to open new opportunities in the Hungarian energy market. Sinergy KFT will now participate in the electricity market by providing frequency and secondary regulation to the national grid operating in virtual power plant mode. Ancillary services are a proven application provided by the GEMS Digital Energy Platform. This will help generate revenue for ALTEO. The deployment showcases competencies in traditional and emerging energy generation as the existing power plant is running on three Wärtsilä W34SG engines.

Wärtsilä energy storage solutions enable power companies and developers to integrate and optimise a diverse mix of grid resources and deliver flexibility, reliability and resilience for customers seeking best-in-class system performance. Wärtsilä’s established EPC and engine power plant experience, coupled with the company's knowledge and proven track record, provided the customer with an unmatched level of value and ultimately secured the project.

What6 MW / 4 MWh Energy storage system
HowEPC (Engineering, procurement & construction)

This is what we achieved

6 MW

and 4 MWh of energy storage capacity



The project was accomplished smoothly, owing to the great engineering work of Wärtsilä. The integration of the energy storage system is a huge step in ALTEO’s Virtual Power Plant development and we strongly believe that this technology has opened us new opportunities to successfully respond to upcoming challenges.

Peter Luczay, Director of Wholesale Energy Trading & Virtual Power Plant Mgmt at ALTEO
ALTEO Batteries


The main details

Customer Sinergy KFT (ALTEO Group)
Site size 6 MW / 4 MWh
Site location Budapest, Hungary
Application Frequency and secondary regulation
Ancillary services
Scope of service Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC)

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