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Energy storage
part of every power system

Energy storage becomes part of every power system

Today, as the energy storage market is being created and gaining momentum, and when large markets exist for stand-alone energy storage, Wärtsilä hybrid solutions will offer technically and environmentally advanced stand-alone energy storage solutions to power markets globally.

Wärtsilä energy storage solutions will significantly improve efficiency by increasing back up capacity and creating new opportunities in electricity markets.


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Wärtsilä energy storage in a nutshell

Hybrid Power plant

Wärtsilä energy storage building    

    Main features

    • Frequency support & reserves

    • Peak demand management

    • Demand charge reduction (C&I)

    • Energy shifting

    Customer benefits

    • Peak demand management

    • Demand charge reduction (C&I)

    • Electricity market(s) opportunities

    • Back-up capacity

    We are very excited to introduce these new solutions to our customers. Adding energy storage technology enables customers to have instant power while saving fuel and maintenance costs."

    Javier Cavada         
    President, Wärtsilä Energy Solutions         



    Wärtsilä energy storage container

    Wärtsilä offers containerized solutions such as this 1,5…5MWh / container

    Grid frequency control with energy storage

    Grid frequency control with energy storage


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