Wind farm

Antelope Station

Texas, USA


The Golden Spread Electric Cooperative (GSEC) is a consumer-owned utility that provides power to 16 member distribution cooperatives serving 208,000 end consumers in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) in the United States. One of the markets catered for by this electric energy network is Texas, a windy and arid area characterised by significant quantities of wind power generation.

Wärtsilä engines start very quickly and are efficient units
Mark W. Schwirtz, President & General Manager, GSEC


Fluctuationg output from wind generation

Fluctuating load due to irrigation proccesses

Very tight project schedule

Hefty temperature variations:
-10- 105ºF (-23- 41ºC)

Scare water resources


Internal combustion engines with excellent ramp rates

Multi-unit plant

Seasoned project team working in close cooperation with the costumer

Two different cooling water configurations

Closer-circuit radiator cooling


Excellent operational flexibility & increased revenue from selling balance capacity

Very high efficiency over the whole load range & no start/stop penalties

Delivery ahead of schedule in order to meet changed customer needs

Nominal plant output and efficiency reached both in winter and summer

Negligible water consumption

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Main data

Customer GSEC (Utility)
Type Wärtsilä 34 gas grid stability
Operating mode Peak load/stand-by & emergency
Gensets 18 x Wärtsilä 20V34SG
Total output 170 MW
Fuel Natural gas
Scope EEQ (engineering & equipment)
Delivered 2011

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