Chambersburg peaking power plant

The Borough of Chambersburg updated the automation system of their 23-megawatt power plant consisting of four Wärtsilä 18V32DF dual-fuel engines to achieve better reliability. The upgrade  enables faster ramp-up times and minimizes start failures, which are key features for getting the power plant online quickly. Other benefits are lower NOx-emissions, a slightly improved heat rate and noticeably less cylinder knocking.

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“We sell all power to the local power grid, which has quite stringent rules for power plants delivering electricity. Having a quicker online time has made us more valuable in the eyes of the regional network operator,”

Assistant Electric Superintendent Jeff Heverley and Supply Supervisor Jerry Howe from the Borough of Chambersburg.

    • Need for reliable and quick start up of the plant on demand
    • Existing control system becoming obsolete
    • Tailoring smooth and seamless communication between existing and new control system
    • Upgrading the engine automation control to Wärtsilä UNIC C3 on 2 out of 4 engines, in two phases (2014 & 2016) - including tailormade WOIS and plant automation upgrade (2014) to maintain full plant communication
    • Increased power plant reliability
    • Risk management and mitigating obsolescence issues
    • Getting online faster, generating revenue sooner

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