Ensure your power plant performance and competitiveness


The industry is moving towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems. As inflexible baseload generation declines, the share of renewables rapidly increases alongside the expanding application of energy storage technology and flexible gas adoption. This immense shift means that no single technology, software, service or skill can ensure optimal lifecycle performance of power plants.


Our lifecycle solutions for energy industry

Choosing a reliable partner with best-in-class expertise is essential in securing your investments. With Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions, we maintain and optimise your power plant performance. This support encompasses our technology, software and service expertise as well as our holistic view and understanding of installations on a system level through a long-term service agreement.




Protect your investment

We take full responsibility for operating and maintaining your power plant and guarantee its performance.



Ensure power plant performance

We take full responsibility for maintaining your power plant and guarantee its performance.



Ensure safe and reliable operations

We take full responsibility for maintaining your power plant and improve performance, reliability and predictability of your operations and costs.

Succeed with lifecycle solutions

A Wärtsilä Lifecycle solution agreement ensures power plant performance and competitiveness:

  • Maximised return on investment
  • Ensured operational efficiency
  • Safe and reliable operations
  • Operation and maintenance optimisation and cost predictability

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Remote support and data management

Explore how we can ensure efficient operations and optimise the maintenance of power plants with the help of remote support and data management.

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