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Aksa Samsun


118 MW

“We are now able to produce electricity with significantly less exhaust gas emissions, accepted by the local authorities. In addition, we enjoy financial benefits through lower operating costs, which help shorten the payback time.”
- Representative for Aksa Enerji Uretim A.S.

Aksa Samsun Power Plant

Aksa Enerji Uretim A.S, a part of Kazanci Holding, is one of Wärtsilä’s biggest customers in Turkey. This energy sector company operates diesel and gas power plants, wind farms, hydro-electric plants, solar energy, biogas and landfills, as well as distributing and selling electricity. In early 2000, the company ordered the 120 MW power plant, equipped with seven 18-cylinder Wärtsilä 46 engines, to the Turkish city of Samsun by the Black Sea.

The Samsun region has industry, but it is also an agricultural area, and the local authorities pay considerable attention to environmental impacts. Aksa wanted to be able to use low-emission fuel and lower the exhaust gas emissions. However, it was also important that the rated engine output would not suffer any losses. Additionally, operating costs had to be reduced to make the plant’s operations more economical.

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