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GEMS Digital Energy Platform delivers long-term grid stability in Northern Germany

Storage meets the operational requirements of a power plant to provide frequency regulation services to the Germany's "Primärregelleistung" (PRL) market. 

Energy storage plays a vital part of Germany’s future as intermittent resources, including wind and solar, are increasingly introduced to the grid. An intelligent and unifying platform is necessary to integrate and maximise all of the generation assets onto the German grid to ensure reliable and safe energy delivery to the end customer.

In Northern Germany, a 22 MW / 35 MWh energy storage facility balances the German grid, providing frequency regulation services to the country’s PRL market. The Cremzow project is based on partnership between Enel Green Power Germany, German wind developer and operator ENERTRAG AG, and engineering, procurement and construction contractor (EPC) Leclanché. Wärtsilä’s GEMS Digital Energy Platform intelligently integrates and manages the power plant across multiple applications, delivering frequency control, energy arbitrage and reactive power services.

The Cremzow project demonstrates how storage technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of the renewable energy systems, enabling reliability, flexibility and stability in and across energy networks and assets. 

GEMS Digital Energy Platform meets the operational requirements of the power plant and provides frequency regulation services to the German PRL market. The software efficiently manages the state of charge of the system by actively participating in the German wholesale electricity market. For example, the storage of wind power when available and injects stored energy into the grid during peak demand hours as needed. 

GEMS specifically ensures system integration and optimisation of storage, renewable and power generation assets through changes in market conditions and structures, using real-time forecasting and artificial intelligence – effectively “future-proofing” energy storage investments for both power developers and utilities. 

What22 MW / 35 MWh Energy storage system + GEMS digital energy platform
HowEEQ (Engineered equipment delivery)

This is what we achieved

22 MW

and 35 MWh of energy storage capacity

Ancillary services are a proven application provided by GEMS, generating revenue for the customer by day one. Using data-driven acumen and decision-making in real-time, GEMS deploys active and reactive power across the network in fractions of a second, creating a flexible system that ensures grid reliability and safety.

Risto Paldanius, Vice President, Americas, Wärtsilä Energy

How we did it

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Provide frequency regulation and grid balancing/energy shifting services to the German grid

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Sophisticated GEMS Digital Energy Platform that integrates and optimises multiple generation assets

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Participation in Germany’s PRL market while providing grid-transmission stability via the optimisation of intermittent wind

The main details

Site Size
22 MW / 35 MWh
Site Location
Cremzow, Germany
Frequency Regulation
Energy Arbitrage
Scope of Services
Software delivery
Troubleshooting of assets

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