Pivot Power, UK

Mansourah-Massarah Gold Project

Saudi Arabia

58 MW

When Ma’aden sought a reliable power generation solution that would support solar power for its Mansourah-Massarah gold project, Larsen & Toubro selected Wärtsilä to provide engineering and equipment (EEQ) along with technical advisory services for a 58 MW power plant. Wärtsilä’s hybrid concept solution reduces reliance on fossil fuels and helps establish the mine’s sustainability credentials.

Wärtsilä’s proven track record of providing power generation solutions for mines, along with their strong presence in Saudi Arabia, made them an obvious potential choice to supply the power generation technology for this project. Wärtsilä’s solution will improve performance and provide significant lifetime cost savings for the project, which has made the decision to move away from rental generation easy.
Muaffag Mohammed Abbas, Mansourah-Massarah gold project, Project Director, Ma’aden
Need to provide sustainable power to the Mansourah-Massarah gold mine
Need to reduce power generation costs
Need for a reliable energy source
A hybrid power plant that enables integration of PV solar power
High-efficiency power generation solution enabling maximised use of PV solar power
6 x Wärtsilä 30V32TS engine generating sets with one reductant engine (n+1 configuration) offering over 97% reliability
Uninterrupted electrical supply that minimises fossil fuel use and emissions
Lower cost compared with rental generation throughout the installation lifecycle
Uninterrupted and reliable energy, with quick response time compensating for any intermittency in PV solar supply

Main data

Wärtsilä 58 MW hybrid power plant
Operating mode
6 x Wärtsilä 20V32TS
Total output
58 MW
 Liquid fuel

The Mansourah-Massarah gold project comprises two open-pit mines under development in the central region of Saudi Arabia. The project is part of Vision 2030, a movement to diversify revenue for the Saudi economy by moving away from oil, with a primary focus on mining underexploited resources including gold.

The mine and mineral processing plant, which is expected to produce 250,000 ounces of gold annually, will be owned by Ma’aden, a Saudi state-owned company. Ma’aden required a power generation solution that would enable integration of renewable energy in order to reduce both emissions and fossil fuel use.

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