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Supporting the power generation of Commercial & Industrial operations

Stable and reliable power generation,    even in challenging conditions

In Middle East and Asia, Commercial & Industrial players face specific challenges in power generation. Rough ambient conditions, such as high temperatures, dust, and scarce water resources, present a need for reliable solutions capable of working in such environments. Remote locations of power plants limit the access to power grid, which can affect the reliability and overall efficiency of the power plant. A reliable source of electricity is essential to maintain uninterrupted production schedules of Commercial & Industrial operators. 

Growing interest in decarbonising operations, along with an increasing share of renewable energy sources, presents another challenge. Integrating renewables increases the volatility of the power system. Solutions able to integrate different energy assets are needed to endure stable electricity output while reducing the levelised cost of energy.


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    Tailored solutions to fit your specific needs

    Every facility is different. Our approach is to help operators understand their current situation and to jointly develop a reliable and tailored solution that ensures stable power generation even in challenging environments, while simultaneously improving efficiency and moving towards decarbonisation.



Engine power plants

Wärtsilä offers a wide range of flexible engine power plant solutions that can provide baseload availability or support an optimised transition to renewable energy. 

With negligible water consumption and excellent load taking capacity, our engine power plants are able to operate even in rough ambient conditions while still offering best in-class efficiency.

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Decarbonisation services

Microgrids that need reliable, constant power will face challenges in ensuring stability, reliability and efficiency when adding intermittent renewables to the system.

Wärtsilä Decarbonisation Services offer a holistic long-term solution to ensure power availability and support in decarbonising your power generation with the lowest possible levelised cost of electricity. The solution aims to minimise your operational and technical risks with analytics and expert support and achieve your business and sustainability goals with an outcome-based partnership. 

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Operation & Maintenance

An operation & maintenance solution with Wärtsilä means entering into a partnership, agreeing on and working towards shared productivity and profitability goals for your company. It is an efficient business solution covering every aspect of the day-to-day operation and all related maintenance and administration tasks.

The tailored solution aims to maximise the productive lifetime of your installation and the return on your investment.

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Benefits of Wärtsilä solutions

Stable and reliable power generation in rough conditions

Lower levelised cost of energy

Lower environmental footprint

Efficiency in operations

Tailored solutions



  • Yamama Cement, Saudi Arabia

    When Saudi Arabia announced the Saudi 2030 Vision in 2016, Yamama Cement Company turned to Wärtsilä for a solution that would be in accordance with the vision's regulations requiring more efficient power usage. As Yamama Cement Company started negotiations with Wärtsilä in 2014, it compared the viability of using gas turbines with Wärtsiläs internal combustion engine (ICE) technology – ultimately favouring ICE.

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  • Mansourah-Massarah, Saudi Arabia

    A step ahead Down Under – 211 MW Dual Fuel flexible power plant ensuring reliability in the renewable-heavy South Australian power system.

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  • Hail Cement Company

    The Operation and maintenance agreement with Wärtsilä empowers the company to focus on their core business, which is cement manufacturing.

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  • McArthur River Mine, Australia

    The McArthur River Mine in Australia, is one of the world’s largest providers of zinc in bulk concentrate form. Global energy producer EDL is responsible for supplying power to the mine. Wärtsilä has been a trusted partner for EDL for many years now, delivering gas engines and providing lifecycle services for condition-based maintenance to the power plant. The end result is better fuel efficiency, a low levelised cost of electricity, lower OPEX and guaranteed availability.

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