Decarbonisation services

Your partner in reducing CO2 emissions

Decarbonisation services for power systems

Reduce emissions and ensure power availability with the lowest levelised cost of electricity

Wärtsilä Decarbonisation services helps customers identify and implement the solutions needed to decarbonise their power systems, taking into consideration their long-term planning and CO2 emission reduction targets.

Our holistic approach builds on our extensive capabilities in power system modelling and analysis, energy system optimisation, and flexible power generation technologies.

At Wärtsilä, we understand that decarbonising power generation is no simple task. Many questions arise regarding how to reduce emissions without jeopardizing the core business.

That is why we sat down with Christoffer Ek, Director, Decarbonisation services and Ella Teperi, General Manager, Market & Financial analysis to hear how Decarbonisation services can help.

Remote support and data management for your power plant

Decarbonise with a plan and a partner

Decarbonisation services is based on a long-term partnership with customers on the journey to a 100% renewable energy future.

As a partner, we help customers understand their current situation and plan a way forward with advanced modelling and dynamic simulations. All of Wärtsilä’s considerable solutions, experience and skills are brought to execute the decarbonisation roadmap. This allows our customers to make the most of reducing CO2 emissions, integrating renewables and future-proofing their assets without sacrificing their core business.

Hard data and modelling make decarbonisation a reality

You know where you want to go, but you have to plan how to get there. Decarbonisation services uses advanced tools so companies can create and implement a decarbonisation roadmap for their energy systems, saving money and lowering emissions while maintaining reliability.

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Power system modelling
Power system optimisation with GEMS

Implementation of the decarbonisation roadmap is carried out using the GEMS Digital Energy Platform » to achieve continuous optimisation of the microgrid and all its assets.

How we have helped our customers to reduce emissions

  • B2Gold Fekola Mine, Mali

    Our GEMS Digital Energy Platform together with energy storage solutions were the key players in helping the Fekola gold mine in Mali to reduce their dependency on expensive fuel, lower their carbon emissions and optimise their mining operations.

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    Energy Storage in Mali
  • Graciosa, Azores, Portugal

    A hybrid storage solution integrates and optimises wind, solar, storage and thermal generation assets on the island of Graciosa.

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    Graciosa 1960 x 690 px

Get in touch with our team

Christoffer Ek

Director, Decarbonisation services

Ella Teperi, Wartsila Though tleader

Ella Teperi

General Manager, Market & Financial analysis

Watch the Decarbonisation services presentation

Watch Ella Teperi explain on stage how we help our customers turn this challenge into an opportunity.

The presentation was given on Energy Customer Day event on 2 June 2022 during the Wärtsilä Sustainable Technology Hub inauguration week.


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