Operation & Maintenance agreement ensures energy for an entire region

The Inur Sakato Power Plant recently signed an operation & maintenance solution with Wärtsilä. The O&M solution covers daily operation and all related maintenance and administration tasks. “This maximises the productivity of our installation and our return on investment, while the plant itself provides energy for an entire region,” says Mr Lino M.N.C. Correia, Technical Adviser at the Inur Sakato Power Plant (ISPP).
The customer is the Special Administrative Region of Oe-Cusse Ambeno of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (RAEOA-TL). Wärtsilä’s wide-ranging experience of lifecycle solutions, covering more than 500 global installations, was the critical factor behind signing this five-year O&M agreement in 2015. “We already have several years of experience with Wärtsilä’s operation and maintenance services at our Hera Power Plant and Betano Power Plant on the mainland,” says Mr Lino Correia.

Full responsibility

“Our goal was to gain in-depth knowledge, so besides the normal scope, our O&M solution included the training of nine local Timorese operators,” says Mr Correia. The 17.3 MW plant, powered by four Wärtsilä 34DF engines, supplies energy for the entire region of Oecusse. Moreover, the ISPP plays a vital role in developing the basic infrastructure of the region, such as the water supply, roads and electricity.
Wärtsilä has taken full responsibility for plant operation and maintenance, which optimises performance, reduces operating costs, improves financial predictability and ensures a reliable generation of electricity. “The agreement has now been valid for two years, and we are delighted with Wärtsilä’s performance. As an authority, we rely on Wärtsilä running the power plant at its best performance.”
A reliable energy supply to the grid is the most important benefit.
Reliable supply to the grid

Wärtsilä has also assisted in constructing new LFO and gas storage tanks, which will allow the dual-fuel plant to use cheaper and eco-friendlier natural gas as an alternative fuel. The remote location of the facility also requires a more significant fuel stock.

According to Mr Correia, Wärtsilä has shown a good understanding of their business, which he exemplifies with the continuous electricity supply. “We are confident that Wärtsilä will manage to cover our needs to meet increasing energy demands in the future.”

“A reliable energy supply to the grid in the entire region, with good feedback from the community, is the most important benefit. I do not need to recommend an O&M solution from Wärtsilä. Signing agreements for our two other existing power plants speaks for itself,” concludes Mr Lino Correia.
    • Operating efficiently a power plant and ensuring the energy supply for an entire region and enabling as fuel operations
    • Entering an O&M agreement
    • Construction of LFO and gas storage tanks
    • Stable and economic supply of electricity to the regional grid
    • Operational savings 

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