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Plains End I & II Colorado


231 MW

"During breakfast and dinner hours demand increases and the plant follows this perfectly. This is the way. This is the future."
- Kent L. Fickett former Senior Vice President of PG&E National Energy Group (NEGT’s predecessor)

Plains End I & II - Colorado


Fluctuating output from wind generation

Increasing the reliability of the whole grid

Optimising return on investment

Harsh ambient conditions: high altitude and hot climate


Internal combustion engines with excellent ramp rates

Adding low-pressure gas plant with extremely high availability (>99.4%) to the generation mix

Adding rapidly dispatchable plant to the generation mix

Engines insensitive to ambient conditions


Superb operational flexibility & increased revenue from selling balancing capacity

Grid black start capability at
a very low cost & ability to keep
plant online even when the quality
of the gas supply suffers

Revenue from both the energy market and the ancillary service market – simultaneously

Full efficiency is reached
throughout the year

In early 2013, after acquiring the state-of-the-art Plains End I & II facility from Cogentrix, Tyr Energy became the owner of the largest natural gas-fueled internal combustion engine power plant in the USA.
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Main data

   Customer   Tyr Energy (IPP)
   Type   Wärtsilä 34SG gas power plant
   Operating mode   Peak load / standby & emergency
   Gensets   20 x Wärtsilä 18V34SG + 14 x Wärtsilä 20V34SG
   Total output   231 MW 
   Fuel   Natural gas
   Scope   Equipment delivery (ED)
   Delivered   2001 & 2006

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