Dakar, Senegal


Mbour region, Senegal

130 MW

With 450 MW of installed capacity in Senegal, Wärtsilä is the country’s leading provider of power generation equipment. The Matelec company placed an order for the delivery of an energy efficient 130 MW Flexicycle™ power plant. This investment will enable Senegal to achieve its goal of reducing consumer electricity pricing.


"We needed a reliable and qualified partner to engineer and provide a flexible and reliable energy system now, and later as our energy infrastructure evolves. With its global and Pan-African experience, Wärtsilä fully meets the project requirements. This is a major energy project that is very important for Senegal.”
Sami Soughayar, CEO, Matelec Group


Providing a solution that
enables lower electricity
prices for consumers

Ensuring high availability,
efficiency and reliability of the
power plant

Allow a high return on investment
for the project sponsors


A 130 MW Flexicycle™ power plant with seven Wärtsilä 18V50 engines for baseload power production

Engineered equipment delivery

A 10-year maintenance
agreement that guarantees availability and reliability


Improves consumer access to electricity at a lower price

High-power availability enabling fulfilment of a 120 MW PPA through reliable baseload generation

Operational flexibility for
the integration of intermittent
renewable energy into
Senegal’s network

Guaranteed availability of the
power plant through a 10-year
maintenance agreement

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Main data

   Customer   Matelec Group
   Type   Wärtsilä 50 based Flexicycle™ power plant
   Operating mode   Baseload power production for the national grid
   Gensets    7 X Wärtsilä 18V50
   Total output   130 MW
   Fuel   Heavy fuel oil (option to convert to gas when available) 
   Scope   EEQ and a 10-year maintenance agreement
   Delivered   Operational in 2020

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