• Combined heat and power (CHP) plants

Flexicycle™ power plants

Our Flexicycle™ power plants combine the advantages of a flexible simple cycle plant with the superb efficiency of a combined cycle plant. This solution provides the flexibility needed to facilitate the integration of renewable energy. As the share of intermittent renewable energy increases in the power market, fast load-following power is needed to maintain system reliability. The Flexicycle solution is based on a gas, multi-fuel, or liquid fuel power plant combined with a steam turbine.

The Flexicycle power plant, supported with lifecycle services is both agile and highly efficient, which enables competitive performance on both the energy and capacity markets. The combination of flexibility and efficiency makes Flexicycle power plants ideally suited to load following in a grid system. Depending on the power system, Flexicycle power plants can also be the best choice for efficient baseload power generation. It is a perfect solution for both municipal power generation and for the larger utility market.

Our largest Flexicycle installation is the Quisqueya I and II power plant complex in the Dominican Republic with a total combined output of 430 MW.

Customer references

  • Malicounda, Senegal

    With 450 MW of installed capacity in Senegal, Wärtsilä is the country’s leading provider of power generation equipment. The Matelec company placed an order for the delivery of an energy efficient 130 MW Flexicycle™ power plant. This investment will enable Senegal to achieve its goal of reducing consumer electricity pricing.

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    Malicounda, Senegal
  • Huinala, Mexico

    Mexico is quickly amending its energy laws, creating a new electricity market and allowing the private sector to participate freely in the generation and sale of electricity. The new strategy targets private and international investors, thus changing the market situation. The new regulations pave way for independent power producer (IPP) projects that will help the Mexican energy sector to not only cover the national demand, but also export electricity to its neighbouring countries.

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    Huinala Power plant - Mexico
  • Attock, Pakistan

    Wärtsilä received an order in June 2007 to supply and install a 160 MW power plant at the Attock Refinery Ltd site near Rawalpindi in Pakistan. The project took 15 months to complete and commercial operations were commenced at the end of 2008.

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    Attock power plant - Pakistan
  • Quisqueya I & II, Dominican Republic

    In September 2011, Barrick Gold Corporation acquired a majority share in a gold mine located some 100 kilometres from the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo. The mining company quickly placed an order for a state-of-the-art Wärtsilä power plant to satisfy the needs of their new power-hungry mine

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    Quisqueya Power Plant - Dominican Republic