Manga LNG terminal, Tornio
Tornio Manga LNG + Wärtsilä

Lessening the carbon footprint of the region's industrial operations

The largest LNG receiving terminal in the Nordics reducing the carbon footprint

The Tornio Manga LNG receiving terminal - the largest such facility in the entire Nordic region, plays an extremely significant role in lessening the carbon footprint of the region's industrial operations. It is an important environmental milestone for the Baltic Sea area, and especially for Northern Finland and Sweden. An efficient logistics chain is being developed around the terminal, which will create a diversified fuel market benefiting both Northern Finland and Sweden.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an environmentally friendly fuel that is becoming increasingly relevant for industrial facilities, the shipping industry, and energy providers. The new terminal opens significant opportunities for the region's steel mills, mining operations, factories and other industrial customers to reduce their dependency on conventional fossil fuels. Similarly, the terminal will provide bunkering fuel for the new generation of LNG powered ships. LNG contains virtually no sulphur and far fewer particulates than diesel fuels, which is why it is an accepted means of complying with the latest maritime regulations, notably in Sulphur Emissions Control Areas (SECA).

Wärtsilä, on the basis of its unique experience and in-house capabilities, was selected to provide a complete turnkey solution (EPC) for the project. This includes complete unloading, storage, pipeline distribution, and regasification facilities. The storage tank has a 50,000 m3 capacity. Railroad connections and truck access to the terminal will facilitate fast and efficient deliveries of the LNG. We have an exclusive ten-year contract to provide all the service and maintenance required. The terminal is scheduled to be operational by early 2018.

WhoManga LNG Oy
WhatLNG receiving terminal
WhereTornio, Finland
HowEPC (Engineering, procurement & construction)

This is what we achieved


m3 of storage tank capacity


m3 / h ship unloading rate

40 t/h

send out rate (max)

The Tornio Manga LNG terminal is a long-term infrastructure investment programme. We appreciate Wärtsilä’s participation as a valuable partner in the project with special value-adding capabilities in this field.

Pekka Erkkilä, Chairman of the Board, Manga LNG Oy

How we did it

Challenge icon


  • Need of project financing

  • Development support

  • Stringent environmental legislation

Solution icon


  • EPC solution combined with a long-term maintenance contract

  • Wärtsilä research studies and engineering services

  • Replacing diesel and heavy fuel oil (HFO) with environmental friendly LNG

Benefit icon


  • Mitigating risks for financiers by guaranteed cost, schedule and performance

  • Availability of documentation related to permits and scheduling during the financing process and final investment decision (FID)

  • Clean power for an energy intensive industrial region

In this video, you can explore more about Wärtsilä constructing the Nordic region’s largest LNG terminal. 

The main details

CustomerManga LNG Oy
TypeLNG receiving terminal
Tank net volume50,000 m3
Ship unloading rate3000 m3/h
Send out rate (max)40 t/h
Outlet gas pressure6.0 barg
LNG in-tank pumps3 x 175 m3/h
BOG compressors3 x 3000 kg/h
ScopeEPC (Engineering, procurement & construction)

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