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Offshore Vessels – Integrated solutions delivering safe and reliable efficiency

Offshore vessels are becoming more complex and in many cases such as wind farms are larger due to the tasks that they need to complete requiring high performance propulsion systems for DP and transit. There is also tough competition to win contracts with charterers, which is driving the increased need for efficiency and reliability whether that is in a new build or an existing vessel.  
Wärtsilä offers the most comprehensive range of integrated solutions in the market that enable existing vessels to increase efficiency and reliability in the face of tough competition and regulations plus for new builds delivers optimised solutions that reduce CAPEX and OPEX throughout the life of the vessel.  

Wärtsilä Power solutions for Normally Unattended Installations (NUI)

Taking offshore operations onshore: Wärtsilä Power solution for normally unattended offshore installations.

As cost pressures in offshore operations continue to increase, there is a growing demand for power solutions that do not require inspections and maintenance. The Wartsila power solution for Normally unattended installations is a cost-effective, safe and reliable power-generation concept that is suitable for a wide variety pf normally unattended installations (NUIs).

Wärtsilä HY

The only integrated hybrid power module

Wartsila HY for offshore operations offers lower fuel consumption, especially in dynamic position operations for greater fuel savings and emission reduction. Longer time between overhauls enable a higher rate of vessel utilisation for greater efficiency. With ESS redundancy further increasing the level of safety during offshore operations’.

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Dispelling the myth of high losses in modern electrically enhanced propulsion systems

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Hybrid upgrade for Viking Supply Ships sharpens competitive edge of LNG-powered PSVs

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