Designed to optimise efficiency


Optimized performance through integrated solutions

We supply products and solutions for offshore facilities engaged in every stage of field exploration, development, oil and gas production, transportation and storage.

Our offshore solutions are designed to optimise efficiency and minimise your operating risks. This allows you to focus on your core business of creating value in the energy markets.

Wärtsilä has the broadest offshore product portfolio on the market. It includes complete power generation, vessel positioning, and environmental compliance solutions. We offer complete electrical and automation, emission control, oil & gas handling, pumping and inert gas systems, water management and customized vessel design.

This broad product portfolio is supported by our unique competences, extensive experience, and system integration skills that enable us to successfully follow and support offshore projects throughout their lifecycle. Our comprehensive, integrated, and environmental solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and minimize operating risks for the resource owner.

We understand better than most the importance of comprehensive documentation, flexibility, technical support, on-time delivery and rapid spares provision to this sector and have demonstrated our capabilities in delivering these attributes.

We also offer a full range of services from service agreements focusing on overall equipment performance and asset management to spare parts, maintenance, technical support, performance optimisation, upgrades, conversions and environmental solutions.

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Guaranteed asset performance

The Wärtsilä Guaranteed asset performance lifecycle solution guarantees the operational reliability, performance and uptime of your assets. Maximised uptime is achieved through optimised maintenance and remote operational and technical support.

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Optimised operations

The Wärtsilä Optimised operations lifecycle solution ensures your marine and offshore assets operate energy efficiently and that your Ship energy efficiency management plan measures are in compliance with MARPOL regulation.

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Optimised maintenance

The Wärtsilä Optimised maintenance lifecycle solution optimises maintenance intervals utilising its Dynamic maintenance planning (DMPTM) concept.

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