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Optimized performance through integrated solutions

We supply products and solutions for offshore facilities engaged in every stage of field exploration, development, oil and gas production, transportation and storage.

Our offshore solutions are designed to optimise efficiency and minimise your operating risks. This allows you to focus on your core business of creating value in the energy markets.

Wärtsilä has the broadest offshore product portfolio on the market. It includes complete power generation, vessel positioning, and environmental compliance solutions. We offer complete electrical and automation, emission control, oil & gas handling, pumping and inert gas systems, water management and customized vessel design.

Offshore solutions by Wartsila
This broad product portfolio is supported by our unique competences, extensive experience, and system integration skills that enable us to successfully follow and support offshore projects throughout their lifecycle. Our comprehensive, integrated, and environmental solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and minimize operating risks for the resource owner.

We understand better than most the importance of comprehensive documentation, flexibility, technical support, on-time delivery and rapid spares provision to this sector and have demonstrated our capabilities in delivering these attributes.

We also offer a full range of services from service agreements focusing on overall equipment performance and asset management to spare parts, maintenance, technical support, performance optimisation, upgrades, conversions and environmental solutions.

Wärtsilä Power solutions for Normally Unattended Installations (NUI)

Taking offshore operations onshore: Wärtsilä Power solution for normally unattended offshore installations.

As cost pressures in offshore operations continue to increase, there is a growing demand for power solutions that do not require inspections and maintenance. The Wartsila power solution for Normally unattended installations is a cost-effective, safe and reliable power-generation concept that is suitable for a wide variety pf normally unattended installations (NUIs).


  • North Sea Giant_slide

    North Sea Giant

    Wärtsilä Hybrid upgrade brings significant fuel savings for offshore vessel

  • Viking-Lady-reference-slide

    Viking Lady

    The Viking Lady platform supply vessel embodies a number of groundbreaking, energy efficient, and emissions reducing technologies.

  • Viking-Prince-small-slide

    Viking Prince

    Running on environmentally friendly
    LNG dual-fuel engines

  • Eidesvik-Viking Princess

    Viking Princess

    The world´s first offshore vessel to combine energy storage using batteries with LNG-fuelled Wärtsilä engines


Taking offshore operations onshore

Now, offshore assets will be able to operate for up to six months without the need for onsite personnel or scheduled maintenance on site.
24 September 2019
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An ocean giant turns green

What happens when you retrofit an energy storage solution to a large offshore supply vessel? Harald Torbjørn Klepsvik, the owner of North Sea Shipping (NSS), is best positioned to answer that question since NSS is already reaping its benefits. Here’s...
6 November 2018
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Princess Hybrid

Technology front-runner Eidesvik has become the first offshore services company to replace a gen-set with a hybrid energy system in an offshore supply vessel. The conversion takes just three weeks.
13 March 2018
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A gas reforming solution

During the summer of 2016, Wärtsilä Flow and Gas installed a 1 MW Pilot GasReformer in Bermeo, Spain to demonstrate the GasReformer’s ability to reform LPG type of heavy gases such as liquefied volatile organic compounds (LVOC) into methane.
19 January 2017
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US offshore capital finally get its own gas pump

Harvey Gulf’s pioneering onshore fuel facility sees North America catch up with Europe, Asia and South America in LNG bunkering. Will it soon be powering ahead?
23 March 2016
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Harvesting power for a fitful lady

Running simulations on a computer is one thing, getting your hands on real-life data is another. When the two matched, in the case of the Viking Lady, Wärtsilä could confirm that it had cut yearly fuel expenditure for its green-minded client Eidesvik...
5 October 2014
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