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Which engine are you? 5 fun engine personality secrets you never knew

A wildly popular online test revealed 5 fun engine personality secrets. See what they were, learn more about the results and try the test out for yourself!

Are you a trusty, reliable diesel engine, or a nimble and flexible dual-fuel engine? Perhaps clean living is your style and methanol or ammonia your tipple of choice? A stunningly popular engine personality test reveals five fun engine personality secrets.

What gets your engine running and makes you the person you are? Just like people, marine engines are complex animals with lots of moving parts and their own individual personalities and quirks. Although decarbonising the shipping industry with fuel-flexible engine technology is a serious business, everyone needs to let off steam and have a bit of fun sometimes.

Did you know that you can take an online test to reveal what kind of engine you are based on a few simple questions about your personality? Before you get in on the action, here are five fun facts about the engine personality test.


1. The test has been ridiculously popular

The engine personality test was launched in July 2023 and quickly shot to the top of the charts to become the most popular game Wärtsilä has ever created! People have shared the game and their results far and wide on social media channels, with LinkedIn being by far the most popular. Wärtsilä’s own posts promoting the game have racked up over 1,000 likes.

A staggering 4,000 people tried out the test in the first two weeks, and 38% of the people who tried it out got all the way through to the results page because they were so keen to discover which engine they were most like.


2. The most common engine personality type was ‘chameleon’

It seems most of the people who have taken the test so far can’t be pigeonholed into a single box. They’re versatile, easy-going types who can get on with old-timers and modernists alike. And a refusal to be picky about their diets means they’re ready for a future where modular engines can be upgraded to work on whatever fuel is the best choice that day.

Need help deciding who you really are? Cast your eyes over all the different engine and generating sets you can choose from.


3. Diesel engines and hybrid solutions are fighting it out for second place

The steady, dependable diesels and the young upstart hybrid solutions were separated by just two people in the test results. Together these engine personalities gobbled up over 50% of the results.  Diesel says you’re well-known, reliable and stable, while hybrid says you’re easy-going and flexible as long as your best friends the batteries are around to help.

Do you feel like a cutting-edge marine diesel engine that needs some fresh new tech to cut your emissions?

Or maybe you’re more in the mood for the company of batteries in a flexible hybrid solution?


4. A lot of us like change – if it’s for the better!

One of the questions in the test examines people’s attitude to change. When asked “Do you embrace change?”, over half of the respondents said, “Only if the change improves things from what they already were.” So, change for the sake of it is not on most people’s agenda. Change must be for the better, and change has to make a real difference.

One of the biggest changes on the horizon in the maritime world is the adoption of alternative fuels like methanol. Learn more about how the Wärtsilä 32 Methanol engine is opening up new pathways to decarbonisation.


5. Ammonia was the engine personality that intrigued people the most

Even though ammonia was the rarest type of engine personality according to the test results, ammonia-capable engines are clearly a compelling subject. People who had an ammonia personality were keen to learn more about the topic, with many of them exploring ammonia-capable engines like the Wärtsilä 25 further.

Keen to learn more about ammonia? You can dig deeper in this article: Ammonia as a marine fuel? It’s easier if you do it smart.

Find out which engine matches your personality by answering seven easy questions in our engine personality test!

Written by
Charlie Bass

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