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Offshore wind vessels - Towards zero emission shipping

Offshore wind vessels can gain significant benefits from integrated solutions and customised designs. For newbuilds and retrofit project, Wärtsilä can deliver a solution to meet your exact specifications and market needs.

Benefits include:

  • lower operational and maintenance costs
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • lower emissions
  • complete lifecycle optimisation.

These benefits together with the increase in offshore wind power around the world brings ever-growing opportunities for vessel owners and operators to maximise profits and grow their business in this industry. 

The growing market calls for larger, more reliable, and more efficient vessels to both construct and service the offshore wind farms. The following will be required as newbuilds:

  • wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs)
  • commissioning service operation vessels (CSOVs)
  • crew transfer vessels (CTVs).

In addition, retrofits are needed for the existing CSOVs to serve the expanding market.


Solutions for newbuilds

Wärtsilä has an extensive experience in ship design, powertrain systems, electrification, and energy saving technologies. Our experts know how to best combine these solutions and achieve an integrated system that delivers what you need. 

Because early engagement brings the best results, we are ready to work with you from the start of your project. This helps us to understand your business model, requirements, and vessel operating profile. We then use data-driven design to develop the ideal solution for your needs.

The smooth process involving owners and shipyards helps ensure that the system delivers optimal results.

Complimentary consulting services for integrated solutions

The future of the marine market is becoming more and more complex. And so are the investment decisions that shipowners and operators are faced with in order to future-proof their vessels. The search is on for intricate equipment solutions that can provide improved energy efficiency, or the flexibility needed to utilize alternative fuels. What is more, the components needed to achieve this goal need to work perfectly on their own, but optimally also offer overall performance exceeding the sum of the individual parts - an achievement possible to obtain through integration.

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Upgrades and retrofits

Commissioning Service Operation Vessel

With the growth in offshore wind farm operations there are opportunities available for CSOV owners that are ready to retrofit their vessel to meet the needs of this expanding market. Wärtsilä can provide future-proof solutions that make your vessel more sustainable and energy efficient, helping you meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements while maintaining profitability.

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Lifecycle Services

Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions take the uncertainty out of marine asset performance, with improved asset availability, optimised operations and maintenance, and sustainable and predictable operations. We use our technology, software and service expertise to maintain and optimise your marine assets, combining our extensive knowledge and experience with the power of AI and predictive analytics to provide peace of mind through long-term service agreements.

Wärtsilä Expert Insight predictive maintenance service as part of the Wärtsilä Lifecycle Agreements


  • Ensured reliability and uptime
  • Faster and better support whenever needed
  • Data driven maintenance based on actual condition
  • Cost predictability
  • Performance guarantees
  • Financing models that share risk and reward

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The service provides our crews with invaluable support and our organisation with the peace of mind that our assets are protected by the very best in maritime engineering technologies and expertise.

Martin Steffensen, Fleet Manager, Altera Infrastructure

The value of Lifecycle Agreements

Digitalisation and connectivity enables a full range of new services and creating value require analytics and technical experts who can make sense of the data and give actionable advice. Wärtsilä Expertise Centres around the world have this expertise to support, predict and optimise your asset performance. 
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Ships worldwide supported by a Wärtsilä Lifecycle solution


Of customers renew their Lifecycle agreements


Issues are solved remotely


Reduction of unscheduled maintenance

  • Viking-Lady-reference-slide
    Viking Lady

    The Viking Lady platform supply vessel embodies a number of groundbreaking, energy efficient, and emissions reducing technologies.

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  • Wind Innovation
    Wind Innovation

    Offshore Vessel Conversion

  • Vestland-Cygnus-reference-image
    Vestland Cygnus

    Wärtsilä has supplied the ship design for the ‘Vestland Cygnus’, a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) owned by Norway based Norside AS that is to be converted to serve as an offshore wind farm service vessel. The conversion took place at the Fjellstrand yard in Norway.

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