Crew transfer vessel
Crew transfer vessels

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Crew transfer vessels – new builds

Crew transfer vessels (CTVs) are typically aluminium catamarans for 12 passengers, although they can also be larger and this is becoming increasingly common as wind farms are located further from the coast. Approximately 25% of CTVs use waterjets, 25% fixed pitch propellers, and the remainder use controllable pitch propellers as their main form of propulsion. Engines are highly loaded most of the time as vessels run at 15–20 knt transit speed or higher, taking crew where they need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Example of an actual system for CTV

Compact high speed engine and light weight aluminium Midsize Waterjets


Benefits of integrated drive train solutions for CTVs

  • Wärtsilä engines and propulsion system provide optimized drive train in terms of performance, fuel consumption and OPEX.
  • Operational cost efficiency
  • Low weight
  • Compact - Small jet engine room footprint
  • Single equipment and service provider - avoidance of potential interface problems and serviceability of the entire drive train.

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