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Wärtsilä 14* – the most compact high-speed marine engine

The Wärtsilä 14 is the most compact marine engine in its power range. The compact design makes the engine ideal for applications where operating power, fuel type and power-to-weight ratio are critical.

The Wärtsilä 14 high-speed engine is available in 12 and 16-cylinder configurations, with a power output of 749–1340 kWm in propulsion applications and 675–1155 kWe in auxiliary genset and diesel-electric propulsion applications.

The engine is supplied with the Wärtsilä NOx Reducer (NOR®), making it compliant with IMO Tier III regulations, and can be combined with an additional particulate filter to be compliant with EU Stage V standards.


* Available only in select regions


Key benefits

  • High reliability and power density
  • Low fuel consumption over a wide load range
  • Compliant with IMO Tier III regulations and EU Stage V standards
  • Professional support is available via Wärtsilä’s global service network

Maximise efficiency

Efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability are the key pillars for achieving and maintaining profitable operations for ship owners and operators around the world. With its outstanding power-to-weight ratio and Wärtsilä UNIC engine control modules, the Wärtsilä 14 provides safe, efficient power and outstanding emissions performance in a compact footprint. These characteristics make it ideal for vessels where environmental factors and maximising the available space for cargo or passengers is particularly important, such as fishing vessels or vessels operating on inland waterways.

Wärtsilä 14 Product guide and 3D models and drawings

Get technical data and system proposals for designing W14 marine engine installations.

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