Wärtsilä Single Input Gear

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Wärtsilä Single Input Gear

Wärtsilä single input, single stage, reduction gears provide a consistent propeller speed and cover a power range from 600 to 24.000 kW. The vertical or horizontal offset between the input shaft and output shaft accommodates a wide range of engine-propeller shaft arrangements.

Wärtsilä Single Input Gear


  • Gears with a vertical offset, types SV and SCV, are available in 15 different gear sizes, covering a power range from 600-24.000 kW
  • Gears with a horizontal offset, types SH and SCH, are available in 15 different gear sizes, covering a power range from 2000-24.000 kW
  • The SCV and SCH types have a built-in clutch, while the SV and SH types are without a clutch
  • A primary driven PTO, rotating whenever the engine is running, or a secondary driven PTO, which is rotating whenever the propeller is rotating.
  • Combined power take-off / power take-in (PTO/PTI) 


Single Input Gear - Features

Power take-off (PTO)
Power take-in (PTI)
Hydraulic power unit
Special gears

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Customer stories

  • Sten Idun
    Sten Idun

    Sten Idun is a 16400 dwt Chemical Tanker with a Wärtsilä equipment package of engines, gear and propulsors. Sten Idun vas commissioned 2003 and features a PTI booster and takes me home mode.

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  • Voyager

    The Voyager is deployed in the Irish Sea. Pelagic trawlers are huge vessels built for deep sea fishing, with facilities for keeping the catch fresh over prolonged periods at sea. The hull is designed to ensure safety, and to give good fuel efficiency and high speed.

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  • Tong xu

    The Tong Xu is a large trailer suction hopper dredger delivered in 2008. The vessel is equipped with a complete Wärtsilä package with two 12V38 engines, two gearboxes, two controllable pitch propellers, two transverse thrusters and propulsion controls.

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  • Quantus

    The Quantus is a modern trawler designed and built for efficient fishing. The vessel incorporates a number of innovative ideas, including a new hull form designed to combine optimum steaming and towing characteristics with fuel efficiency.

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