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Proactive screening and analysing of newbuilding & upgrades projects is the basis for our complimentary advisory for the windfarm industry newbuilding and upgrades projects. The analysed information is shared with relevant stakeholders for initiating and facilitating solutions development.  Wärtsilä's competent experts along with our broad product and services portfolio, our integrated powertrain systems that give us a unique position to support this market to deliver reliability, safety, and environmental performance in the future. ​


Complimentary advisory guarantees performances, quality and cost efficiency which cannot be reached by single products or bundle of components, thus providing better solutions to either newbuilding vessels or upgrades & retrofits within the offshore wind farm industry.

  • Wärtsilä has a unique opportunity to differentiate our offering and shape the market through integrated systems and solutions​ 
  • With a dedicated focus on integration and systems engineering, and a strong understanding of our customers´ business, it is feasible to develop integrated solutions with lifecycle values unmatchable by the sum of any single product values 
  • Wärtsilä can develop a holistic optimising strategy that covers the entire lifecycle of a fleet or provide a solution to a specific challenge.​ 

Our marine customers today are facing increasingly complex investment decisions due to the need to future-proof their vessels in terms of decarbonisation. This creates the need to explore more complex equipment solutions, focusing on the integration of multiple power sources, electrification, and the possibility to introduce alternative fuels and or energy sources in the future.

Grant Gassner, Director of Integrated Systems and Solutions, Wärtsilä Marine Power
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