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Wärtsilä Power solution for normally unattended installations

As cost pressures in offshore operations continue to increase, there is growing demand for power solutions that do not require regular inspections and maintenance. Wärtsilä has developed a cost-effective, safe and reliable power generation concept that is suitable for a wide variety of normally unattended installations (NUIs). It enables operation time up to six (6) months without planned maintenance activity thanks to Wärtsilä’s high efficiency engines, remote monitoring, condition analysis, predictive maintenance and Wärtsilä’s unique OEM experience and expertise.

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    Technical info
    The basic configuration is designed to be able to operate for up to six months without the need for scheduled maintenance. All maintenance activities for the Wärtsilä Power solution for normally unattended installations can be performed efficiently using “walk to work” support vessels, eliminating the need for permanent operational and maintenance crew on site. The solution can be extended to include the maintenance of power management, automation and auxiliary equipment. It is a holistic power solution that can be tailored according to the requirements of each individual installation.
    • Lower OPEX due to reduced need for operational personnel on board
    • Increased efficiency, reduced emissions and improved fuel flexibility with dual-fuel engines
    • Improved reliability and safety through the use of condition monitoring and analysis
    • Lower LTIFs (Lost Time Incident Frequency) due to fewer man hours on site
    Offshore installations designed for unmanned or unattended operation or operation with reduced crew.

    The offshore industry seeking for efficiency improvements 

    A complete solution designed for unmanned operations


    Wärtsilä Power solution for normally unattended installations

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    Wärtsilä offers offshore sector up to six months operating without planned onboard maintenance

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    Now, offshore assets will be able to operate for up to six months without the need for onsite personnel...
    24 September 2019
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