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Special vessels

Integrated solutions for technically complex vessels, such as fishing and research vessels, dredgers, and wind support and installation vessels.

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Solutions for special-purpose vessels

From fishing vessels and dredgers to tugs and naval vessels the technically complex requirements and specific operating profiles are unique. They also require environmentally and economical solutions to ensure that the vessels meet tight emission regulations while offering efficiency and reliability that navies, owners, and charterers are demanding. 

Wärtsilä offers integrated solutions that meet these very specific and high-performance needs, from efficient dual-fuel engines and hybrid systems to propulsion, lifecycle services and navigation and automation systems there is a clear reliable route to decarbonisation and efficiency no matter what the vessel or environment they operate in.


    Working in harsh environments and extreme temperatures, long operational hours, and constantly running the equipment at maximum power until the job gets done.

    We know very well what it takes to develop a dredger for these conditions, which is why our systems are a perfect fit for the dredger market.

    Maximum efficiency and minimum labour costs are essential for the successful operation of dredgers. Wärtsilä’s products and solutions are designed to match this requirement and are based on industrial state-of-the-art hardware components. Wärtsilä’s dredger control technology allows control of the entire dredging process from one central station. All relevant data for the production process and cost-optimized control of the dredging operations are displayed to the operator.

    From the earliest times of diesel engines, Wärtsilä equipment and later on systems have been installed in complex vessels such as dredgers. Today, Wärtsilä power solutions continue to be the choice for dredgers built by the world’s leading yards. Our technical expertise is complemented by our open-minded approach to what dredging companies need and want.

    Fishing vessels

    With close to 50 years of experience in the fishing industry, a substantial reference list of equipment deliveries and in excess of 250 fishing vessels built to its designs, Wärtsilä has a unique know-how and expertise, backed by a truly global footprint. Our extensive offering for fishing vessels allow us to enhance the business of our customers by providing solutions that are environmentally sustainable, efficient, flexible, and economically sound.

    Learn more about our offering for fishing vessels

    Research vessels

    Wärtsilä provides integrated solutions that are environmentally and economically sound for Research Vessels worldwide.

    Wärtsilä has supplied various equipment and solutions to many of the world’s best-known research vessels, including the CEFAS Endeavour, the IFREMER Pourquoi Pas, the IMR G.O. SARS., the MARINE INSTITUTE’s Celtic Explorer, the NERC James Cook, and the CHILEAN NAVY’s Cabo de Hornos.

    Tugs and workboats

    The marine industry is increasingly turning to more advanced solutions as the cost of available technology decreases, and its reliability is substantiated. The environmental and economic viability of these complex solutions typically results from an integrated approach, encompassing vessel design, equipment selection, and on-site support for the shipyard and owner.

    At Wärtsilä, we believe that upcoming emissions regulations require the re-design of many existing vessel types. This is especially true of vessels operating in the proximity of large population centres, as is the case with tugs in ports.

    An integrated approach means a single contact point for project management and installation, a one-stop shop for all aspects of lifecycle support, and optimized overall performance that incorporates substantial energy savings. As all the systems are engineered to work together, their compatibility and functionality are guaranteed. 

    Job Voormolen - Innovation Manager Sustainability - Van Oord
    Peter Toxopeüs - Fleet Development Manager - Fugro
    Ruud Godeschalk - Area Maintenance Manager - Boskalis Dredging
    Arnstein Eknes - Segment Director for Special vessels - DNV

    Customer stories

    Discover the benefits others have already gained from choosing Wärtsilä.

    • DEME Group
      DEME Group

      Supporting global marine solutions provider’s sustainability drive with the Wärtsilä GHG reduction package for 34DF engines

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    • Luleå HY tug-reference-slide
      Port of Luleå, hybrid escort tug

      Wärtsilä HY solution for operational flexibility combined with notable environmental benefits

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    • Ocean Star
      Ocean Star

      The world’s biggest and most efficient Pelagic Trawler

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    • Cassiopeia-V reference slide picture
      Cassiopeia Five Pte Ltd.

      Optimised Maintenance agreement for the large cutter dredger Cassiopeia V

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    • Polarstern-small-banner

      Research vessel Polarstern to be fitted with new Wärtsilä shaft generator systems

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